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Episode 5: Halloween Special: The Haunted Castle!

(Scene 1: On a street on the Noble District) (People are in costumes and there's children doing the tradition called prank o' sweets. Eri, Delia, Sharmaine and Nice are gathering together while Paul, Soren, Edu, and Nelissa aren't around) (Appeared characters: Eri, Delia, Sharmaine, Nice, Nelissa, Paul, Edu, Soren, Dunk, and Bounce) (Note: Dunk and Bounce are only stand-by, with Dunk dressed in a beetle suit with a pageboy-style wig and Bounce dressed like Slenderman)

Narrator: And here we once again back into the story of Eri and her mis-adventures. Tonight, this is a time when we celebrate…the spooky Halloween. And our story begins when Eri and her friends are wearing their costumes and went prank o' sweets; even though they're too old for this.

Delia: Wow, Eri. You look nice in this…knight-princess like costume…that I don't know who's that.

Eri: (dressed like Saber (Fate/Zero & Stay Night, in armor), a bit shy) Ehehe…this is from a show I've watched from the abhaire, about a girl who became a king and when she died, she became a spirit and serving a guy to fight. You…your outfit's really elegant and pretty, I like your witch costume.

Delia: Thanks. (whispers to her) But sadly, Nice doesn't look good in her Queen of Hearts costume. It still shows her flabby stomach. (chuckles)

Eri: (then talks to Sharmaine) By the way, it's that magical girl who collects cards, right?

Sharmaine (dressed like Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura),nods): Yes, you're right.

(Enter Edu, Paul, and Nelissa)

Edu: Hello everybody. My costume is an XX-NONAME robot.

Eri: I thought you didn't like prank o' sweets.

Edu: I want more pranking! Less sweets! (points his index finger up in the sky)

Nelissa: (dressed like Hatsune Miku) I'm dressing up now as a cute idol singer. (sings a song)

Paul: And I'm dressing as a vampire. (grins)

Eri: Okay, and now we'll just wait for Soren. (Paul glares at her)

(After a few seconds, Soren, dressed as a kara-to master, appears)

Soren: (huffing for a while) Hey! I want all of you to come with me.

Delia: What gives? We're only going to prank o' sweets.

Soren (smiling in a cunning way): Have you heard of a story called, "The Masquerade of Death?"

Sharmaine: We all know the story, but I think it's a terrifying one.

Nelissa: I agree with you.

Delia: Me too.

Eri: Count me in, that story keeps scaring me ever since I've heard it. (shudder, scared)

Soren: All right, let's hear it again!

Eri, Nelissa, and Sharmaine (shudder): I don't want to hear it! I don't want to hear it! (Eri exaggerates her scared expression)

Paul: Mwahahahaha! It all started at the now-abandoned Inghorst Castle on the far end of the Mayedell Hills…

(Scene 2: Inghorst Ballroom, Night) (Divided into 5 smaller rooms. Northwest corner is all decorated with red; the northeast blue; the southwest yellow; the southeast white; and the middle black. Food is laden in the corner rooms, musicians are stationed near the black room, masqueraders are scattered around the ballroom.) (Appeared Characters: Cardalu, Illizabelthe, Musicians, Caterers, Servants, Opera Singer & Masqueraders)

Paul (narrating mode): Count Cardalu and his wife Illizabelthe have invited many light-hearted lords and ladies around Tertereas for their 6th wedding anniversary. Around a thousand people came to celebrate. But little do they know…the couple is planning something sinister in mind. Heehee!

(A scene of many people partying on the rooms except the black room)

Paul (narrating mode): In the early evening, the guests filled all of the rooms. When it passed by two hours, people have started to avoid the black room, as what the couple expected. An additional piece to the clack room was an ebony clock. Whenever it chimes, the guests are feeling the sudden nervousness in the air; and when it stopped, they go back to merrymaking again. (pauses for a few seconds) And when the clock turns twelve…

(The entire ballroom became dark, indistinct chattering around the all the people in the castle)

Paul (narrating mode): As soon as the clock makes the same haunting sound when it chimes, it's the perfect opportunity for the celebrated couple to... (screams and slashes are heard)

Paul: Screams are heard, Count Cardalu's zweihander sword slashed through the chests while his wife satisfied herself by beheading the unsuspecting people with an axe and the entire court is bathed in blood and corpses! (Blood and corpses are scattered around the ballroom) The couple started to laugh at the bloody massacre they have planned and covered themselves & drink the blood of the people who are mutilated and lacerated. After enjoying and reveling of their sadistic and macabre killings, they stab and bleed themselves to death, guffawing in their fantastic slaughter. After that, a curse was laid down in the castle and it has been there ever since.

(Back to Scene 1 setting)

Eri: (traumatized): P-please, enough with the story! (shudders)

Delia, Sharmaine, Nelissa and Nice (also traumatized): Stop it…now…Paul!

Edu (crosses his arms): You idiots, it's just a story, a myth.

Soren: Besides, I heard that Prince Io and some of his friends are going there.

Eri: I-Io! Don't tell me that's-!

Paul: Prince Iowerth! Yihee!

Eri (defensive): You and your crushing on Delia!

Soren: Is this true, Paul?! (engaging a fight with Paul)

Delia: Then let's go there and see.

Eri (blushing): I'm with you there.

(Scene 3: Ruins of Inghorst Castle (façade), Maydell Hills) (Castle is crumbling a little, but remained largely intact in most parts. The field scarcely has any trees; ravens and bats flew over the place. Iowerth and some people in costumes are approaching the doors, while Eri and her friends are about to meters behind and reached the door.) (Appeared Characters: Eri, Iowerth, Paul, Edu, Soren, Delia, Sharmaine, Nelissa, Nice, Abdul, Maredessa, Melusia, Whitney, Dr. Verne, Yael, and Jonah)

Narrator: Because of Eri's hopeless love for Prince Iowerth that she and her friends also venture to the seemingly cursed and haunted Inghorst Castle.

Abdul (dressed like Pikachu (Pokemon)): Hey, so nice to see you (calling out to them)

Mare (dressed as a witch): What are you guys doing here? Especially you Eri, I thought you're afraid of ghosts.

Paul: We're here because we want to tour the castle and because Eri wants to get near to Io.

Eri (being tsundere): I don't! wh-who cares about that?! (looking sideways and blushing)

Melusia (dressed like Snow White): If you haven't met them, I'll introduce them to you. (points to a man in a Knave of Hearts costume) That's Dr. Aristotle Verne, you know, one of the most famous doctors here-!

Nelissa (gasped and then smiled): Wait, isn't that Whitney Deveraux, the Muse of the Serenade Song?! (points out to a woman dressed as a fairy)

Narrator: Yes, she is one of the 7 Muses of Song, why do you ask?

Nelissa: Oh my gawd, it is her!

Narrator: It is that obvious isn't it?

Nelissa: (approaches Whitney) I love your songs, Whitney, the serenades are oh, so divine! (hands her a piece of paper and pen) Can I have your autograph?

Whitney (smiling cheerfully): Okay, sure!

Nice: (calling out to Whitney) Wait, after that, can I take a picture with you?

Whitney: That'll be great.

Yael (dressed as a yukionna): (approaches Eri and company) Konichiwa, my name is Princess Yael of the Akimiya clan of the Kingdom of Isalon. (looks at Soren and talks to him in their native language) Have you not recognize me, Lord Soren of the Naikoren clan?

Soren: (kneels in front of her and also talk to her in their native language) I apologize, my lady, it has been a long time since I've left home. I did not instantly recognize you.

Yael: Yes, it has been a long time. (now speaking the common language to the rest) I forgot, the man beside me in that costume (points at him) is Jonah Waraabe, a new foreign slave from our enemy country.

Eri: Wait a minute. (points at Jonah) I think I know this guy.

Jonah (dressed like Freddy Kruger): Look, there's a demon beside you!

(Eri screams)

Narrator: Yeah, I haven't told you yet that she's too sensitive in being afraid of ghosts and demons that there might be a 40% chance that she'll go on frenzy, and that Jonah is the best friend of Father Marius, the perverted priest. Then, Nelissa screamed so loud that the ravens flew away from the place. Now that the new characters are introduced, everyone has finally dared themselves to go inside the seemingly haunted castle.

(Scene 4: Inside Inghorst Castle, Lobby) (Lobby is completely dark, but with their lanterns, there is a flight of winding stairs in front of them. Some tables, chairs, and vases are seen, still intact; but they're dirtied with dust, cobwebs, and dried blood. The floor is also stained with dried blood, indicating of the massacre on the ballroom. The rooms nearby are open, and the objects are stained with blood & few corpses are laid out.) (All characters have entered the dark lobby, carrying and lighting their lanterns, then walk through) (Appeared Characters: Same as in Scene 3)

Narrator: As soon as they get inside, the doors are surprisingly completely shut by the wind. They walked around the lobby, and then they went up through the stairs. And most of them are terrified.

Eri: (whispered to everyone) Can't we just get out of here?! I don't want to see any ghost or demon. Oh God…(trembling while praying)

Iowerth (in a ranger costume; thought to himself): That girl is so annoying, why did she come here, even though she's completely afraid of ghosts? This is nothing but a spooky-looking castle! It's nothing much like those horror shows I've watched.

Narrator: They've reached upstairs. They're in the hallway and large ornamented doors are right in front of them. Prince Iowerth reached out one door, and it was suddenly open with the sound of a noisy creak. Some of them are already terrified. Eri keeps on praying, Nelissa and Sharmaine are shaken with fear, Delia stood frozen as Paul and Soren comforted her, and then Princess Yael hugged Jonah, which causes him to have nosebleed.

Yael (still shaken and hugging him): Jonah, your nose is bleeding!

Jonah (blushing slightly, but keeps his face composed): I-It's hot in here, that's why.

Eri (her hands clasped together, her head bowed down, muttering very fast): I believe in God, the Father Almighty…

Paul: Hey Soren, I was here first! (grabbing Delia)

Soren (frowning): No, I am!

(Maredessa and Melusia are pulling them away from each other.)

Aristotle: (approaches Prince Iowerth and whispered at him) Io, the Galentheo people and their friends are making a fuss now, we should get out of here.

Iowerth: Not yet, but just tell Whitney to calm them down.

Aristotle: It's not working. She had tried to sing songs and talk to them, but they can't be easily reassured.

Iowerth: (opens the twin doors very wide, and then faces everyone) Silence, every one! (gestures to the opened doors) Let's just go inside and shut up. (being stern)

The rest, except for Aristotle and Whitney: Yes, Prince Io.

Iowerth: Good, let's go in and find out. (went inside and others followed)

(Scene 5: Inghorst Castle, Ballroom) (It's very dark in the ballroom, but the darkest part of the ballroom is right in front of them The entrance looks eerie and tantalizing, and a sound of a haunting chime from a clock, which scares the characters.) (Appeared Characters: Same as in Scenes 3 & 4, Cardalu and Illizabelthe's ghosts)

Narrator: In this still frightening episode, our heroes are stepping inside the ballroom in Inghorst Castle where the bloody massacre made by Count Cardalu and his wife, Illizabelthe, have taken place. When Prince Io lift up his lantern, bodies of skeletons in their bizarre fashions of the past and dried blood filled up the entire ball room. They explored first the rooms on the corner. As they went further, everyone's faces are now filled with pity and terror.

Whitney: Io, this is definitely worse than those horror shows.

Yael: I also agree with her. Io, let's just get out of here.

Nice: Hey, Prince Iowerth! (slightly shouted at him) We have to get out of here!

Narrator: Since he's too stubborn and eager to see a ghost, they don't have any choice but to follow him.

(A haunting laugh is heard)

Eri: (very scared and held on Delia's skirt) What was that?

Delia: (looks at her) What?

Eri: (trembles) I thought I heard something.

Nelissa: Yeah, I also heard it.

Sharmaine: (looked around) Me too.

Yael: (went beside Iowerth) Please, we should get out of here. This is getting creepier and more frightening now.

(Another haunting laugh is heard, this time with a female voice)

Voice of Illizabelthe: (echoes around the room) Who dares to enter in this splendid palace of ours?

(Everyone, except Iowerth, Jonah, and Soren scream)

Nelissa: G-GHOST! (faints) (Nice holds her up)

Iowerth: Are you the ghosts of those brutal murderers, am I right?

Cardalu (appears in front of them): Ha, ha, ha! Yes, you are correct. And now, we have new victims with blood to satisfy our thirst and souls that we can collect. (unsheathes his sword) –Illizabelthe!

Illizabelthe (appears with a gigantic axe on her hand): Yes, my darling?

Cardalu: Will you have the pleasure to behead our victims?

Illizabelthe: Oh! It'll be my delight to do so. Before that…(makes out with him)

Everyone else (look away, disgusted): Ewww…

Mare: Don't just make out whenever you want, and you're even making that French kiss!

Illizabelthe (grinning): Ah, you children should be learning a lesson right now. Now die! (swings her axe)

(Iowerth tries to parry the axe with his sword)

Narrator: Now that those idiots are in danger, Prince Iowerth tries to deflect the axe with his sword, but to no avail, because their enemies are ghosts, and so he dodged from it. Fearing that all may be killed and be the helpless victims of those sadists, Eri uses her enormous sword that's meant for her costume and slashed Illizabelthe, in which her wound has burned her.

Cardalu: (approaches Illizabelthe): My dear, are you all right?

Illizabelthe (chuckling): My, my, this is great! I've never experience such pain as this!

Eri: Heck, are you insane?! What are you, a masochist?

Nice: Eri, what is this sword? How can it affect that ghost over there?

Eri: Oh, this sword? I requested my brother, Mason, to make this for me while I'm still in Eledhill. A shapeshifting sword, with Light as its main element, it's name is "Fatiliene", the Light element is Mason's idea, of course. I didn't know that it could harm ghosts though or anything, since it actually has a dull blade.

Narrator: Oh, finally! The heroine has saved the day; I mean night, by accident. (in a sarcastic tone)

Eri (breaking the fourth wall): Hey, shut your mouth on that! I really didn't know that it has abilities like that in the first place!

Narrator: Hey, but still…that won't even impress your crush over there.

Eri: (throwing a temper tantrum and hits Cardalu with her sword) I told you, I don't have a crush on Prince Iowerth!

Edu: (taps Eri) Eri, your secret is revealed. (smiles) And you give me an impressive performance on killing these ghosts!

Yael: Okay people, let's just get out of here.

Everyone, except Iowerth: Yay! We can go home now!

Nelissa (laughing maniacally): Hehehe…I am free from hell!

(Everyone walks away)

Iowerth: (talking to Whitney) Wait a minute, in every horror show we've seen, there's always a surprise ending, is there gonna be one right now?

Whitney: I know that it should be, but don't think about it.

Narrator: At the empty ballroom…

Cardalu and Illizabelthe (rising up again): Mwahahaha! We'll get you, little girl, wait and see then…

Eri: (praying) Lord, please exorcise those ghosts so they won't cause any trouble again.

(Screams are heard)

Narrator: And so, her prayer has been answered, and our heroes went back to prank o' sweet-ing in the Peasant District. And for Inghorst Castle? Well, a fire broke out and obliterated it, and the existence of it is no more than just a simple, terrifying story that makes cowards scream like the end of the world. So then, Happy Halloween! Boo!

(End Episode)

Glossary (I invented some words for fun):

prank o' sweets- trick or treat

abhaire- something like the TV, in a different form.

The Masquerade of Death- a popular horror slasher story in Zethus. Mainly based on Poe's The Masque of the Red Death

7 Muses of Song- a group of seven women who are truly talented in music.

Isalon- a kingdom below Zethus and is completely hidden within a mist. Resembles Japan