I'm scared. I'm scared because they never tell you what it's like to pick up all your belongings and leave a place you created the best and worst of memories in. They just expect you to know that there will cords and that you will need to cut them to move on. Cords that are attached to the memories of love, happiness, and pain, cords that make you cry tears of joy and cause an ache in your chest. They don't tell you how long you'll question yourself before. Questions of, "should I do this", "am I ready?", "am I strong enough?" will echo in your mind. They will cause doubts, but they expect you to know to ignore these doubts. They remind you that things will never be the same again and they remind you how much you've grown in the time you've lived here.

The memory of your first night will pop up and make you cry, forcing you to remember the reason you abandoned the previous "home". The memory of your third and fourth night will have faded, but the feeling that you belonged will remain. You will slowly realize that you are no longer that 14-year-old who flew around the world on a daily basis, or the 15-year-old who had her hymen and heart-broken, or the 16-year-old who was lost among a sea of self-hatred with an empty stomach, or even the 17-year-old who has come to the realization of her true self. The memories of your last night will stay with you for a very long time, especially if you did the packing yourself.

The aches and tears will remind you of how far you've come and how far you have left to go. However, moving helps renew the spirit and the brand new start will bring about a change in your thinking. It will make you question others and how they react to the things you've been involved in, how the things that have made you strong could bring another to their knees. It will help you realize that you are better than the things that are holding you back, and if you can make the choice to move, you sure as hell can make the choice to move again. With this experience you will explore new lands, new worlds… you'll gain new hopes, new dreams that you can carry out. Moving helps you bring about change, which in most cases is a good thing. Change will bring happiness, if done for the right reasons.

They don't tell you what it's like to move, but it hurts and it soothes the spirit, which is something that they cannot prepare you for.