sunlight filters though cinnamon-colored branches,

dappling the forest floor in exotic hues

of green and red.

an unfelt wind ripples through pale green leaves,

and the angelic voice of a water maiden

joins the harmony in crystal streams

of tinkling notes

and spring peepers.

the golden wood of ancient trees

creak in tune to this otherworldly paradise

filled with music.

laughter chimes as the forest children romp and play,

moonblossoms entwined in midnight hair.

glowing pinpoints of light flit across the air,

taking form of fiery butterflies

flying on intricate rainbow wings.

a flower faerie sings gently to the buttercups,

and a quiet forest-nymph sits in a willow,

dreaming of things to come.

fire pixies dance on a peppermint wind

toward the ivory golden-antlered stag

who cautiously approaches

The Lake of Seven Colors.

a single lotus bud falls in the center of the pool

and a sad note resonates from its centre,

and all the fantastical beings are driven forward from the deepest depths

of the forest

to gather on the edge of the multi-colored waters.

the lotus bud blooms,

releasing a flash of soft pink light

that engulfs all the creatures.

from the soft eyed doe

to the glinting bronze-feathered hawk,

to the golden hoard-dragon and the sapphire-feathered wyrm,

to the lion-hearted griffon

the paper voiced drifter,

the ebony daemon raven,

the fish-tailed sirens, river sprites, water gods

and all those in between,

they lift their heads and send a quivering message

in the form of pure, golden energy

to the raven-haired girl

who is master of them all

in this forest of imagination.