a/n: something that has followed me for a while... now its done ^_^

two massive armies gather at the border.

her leader is speaking,

but she cannot hear

for her own heart pounds in her ears.

wind ripples across the valley, whipping her sun-bleached hair

away from her young face.

her muscles ripple underneath smooth, tanned skin

as she tenses,

waiting to pounce,

a girl no more than sixteen.

there is a roar

and the armies charge,

swords glint,

armor shines,

and cries of pain echo across the valley,

along with the clash of steel on steel,

like the sound of a thousand bronze bells.

she herself cuts down adversary after adversary,

leaping and twisting in the air,

a golden sword in hand,

and fighting like an enraged lioness.

the battle rages on for hours,

and in that time corpses are strewn

over a bloody ground,

but she does not lie with them.

sweat stings her eyes

and her every limb screams in protest,

but still she fights,

until half the enemy's army

is demolished by her fury.

she is caught in bloodlust,

attacking left and right

like a wild animal.

a sudden, blinding pain pierces her back

and blossoms into her stomach.

a hot wetness drips down her naval

as she gazes in shock at the arrow

that extends from her belly.

in her eyes, the world seems to slow.

she turns deaf to the clashes

that surround her.

her eyes bulge,

her mouth gapes in a silent scream.

the ground rushes up to greet her

as she falls.

the world turns dim,

and she is surrounded by a midnight black

as she dies,

the brave female warrior

who gave her life

to save a stranger.