The Killer

"The killer's marks – they weren't just marks. They were clues! They were clues the killer was throwing our way. As Antei put it – the killer was mocking us. Openly. First you and then, with the fourth incident, me. It was a challenge."

Before Cuthbert could say or ask anything, Adrian exited the bathroom. He took out his cell and tossed it to Cuthbert. "Look at the picture there. Nice isn't it?"

Cuthbert stared looked at the picture displayed on Adrian's phone. "Yes, a nice scenery but what has that got to do with what we're doing now?"

We had now followed Adrian out of the house. "Not the picture but where and how I took the picture is important. I have been toying with the idea since yesterday night."

"I don't get it," answered Cuthbert. None of us got it.

"Get in the car; I'll explain on the way."

"Where are we going?" I asked. I was the driver. Drive of at least one of the car that was going to be driven anyways.

"To the killer's house."

"Now, the train incident," continued Adrian over the phone. He was in the police car riding with the inspector and I was with Peter, driving Peter's car behind them.

"Now, in that incident, a girl disappears from a moving train when the train enters a dark tunnel for fifteen seconds. The CCTV's capture nothing that helps but only adds to the mystery. Only three girls in that train car. Everything goes dark for fifteen seconds – no time for anyone else from the other car to come and abduct Cheryl."

"Even if they did, Cheryl would have been caught on some other car's camera," I said.

"Obviously. So, how did Cheryl disappear? Remember, she was standing in front of a door. And Margaret, the witness, said she heard a scream that was abruptly cut off. Cynthia, whom I interrogated over the phone yesterday, gave the same account. What does that tell you?"

"Nothing really," Peter answered.

"The girl, Cheryl, jumped from the train when it was in the tunnel," Cuthbert said from the other line. "The doors opened and she jumped. Some officers I had sent to examine the tunnel found her rotting body in there."

"She jumped herself - the letter 'C', found in her purse that was written by herself," Peter mused.

"So that's why the scream was abruptly cut off," I said, understanding now. "She hit the wall of the tunnel."

"And died instantly. Remember, she reached her hand out to her ear every few moments. She was no doubt receiving orders," Adrian said.

"The scarf hid her mouth so no one could see her talking. When the train entered the tunnel and the doors opened, the final order came," Cuthbert said.

"And when the order came, she jumped," I said.

"She did."

We all sat in silence for a while.

"First case, the clock and the camera. Second case, the ice. Third case, self-infliction. And the last case, the blood on the wall," Peter said. "It all seems so simple now."

"It does, doesn't it?" Adrian said.

I stopped the car as we had reached our destination. The killer was there. And she was going to be arrested.

"Well then, shall we," Adrian said to Cuthbert after exiting the car. "Let's go arrest the doctor."