Earth Angels

It's a world professing to be earth angels,

wrapped in the white wing cover of purity.

But all we exist to be are children of sin,

the creators of disparity


and when we pray we wonder why

we get no answer to our cries.

The truth still stands that we are wrong,

with darkness – evil – in our eyes.


Discontent with all that we have

we claw and grasp and want for more.

Higher and higher we wish to climb,

but we end up lower than we were before.


More of vice than virtue are the ones

who are full of unholy pride,

believed to be favoured as Lucifer once was

but, really, cast aside


as he was, down far below,

for all that we show ourselves to be.

Stripped of beauty, privilege and power –

our intrinsic vanity.


Blue is the colour of our veins,

of peaceful, tranquil, open skies.

But, when we are cut open, it's red inside,

of lust, anger and convincing lies.