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CHAPTER 3: OH, MY... Goat?

"Delit! What was that for?!" Shouted Chastry as he stomped after his friend. "Delit!" He shouted even louder.

"What the hell do you want?!" Delit shouted back. Delit usually got mad if she doesn't get enough sleep, and since they talked almost all night, Delit was pretty angry right now.

Delit managed only a few minutes of sleep after the sun rose, and then she woke up again. She saw Chastry climbing down the stairs from the their bedroom and elbowed her way pass him, nearly knocking Chastry over.

Chastry didn't say anything at first, he only jabbed a finger at his right eye, it was swollen and black. That was where Delit's elbow hit him. "You pushed me and nearly got me killed." He said sourly.

"Whatever," Delit said without turning, she continued to storm her way to the kitchen.

Chastry lunged forward and twisted Delit's right arm. Delit, however, felt no pain at all, now that she was a doll without human nerves. Chastry hadn't considered this. And he was determined to at least elbow Delit's eye unless she apologizes. But Delit didn't apologize, rather, she was angrier now. The two wrestled on the stairs, Chastry's bells jingling and Delit's hinges and wooden arms made a small creaking or clacking noise once in a while. They often made one of them tipped to the side and almost fell. Delit, of course, was the more flexible out of the two. Every time she almost fell, she would vaulted herself onto the stairs and fought Chastry again.

"Delit!" Chastry yelled, "Apologize and I won't hurt you!"

The other doll snarled. "Good luck with that, Jingly-Toes." Delit avoided Chastry's fist and rolled over to the side of the stairs.

"You're going down, Heart Queen!" Chastry yelled back. He grabbed both of Delit's arms and was ready to drop her. But Delit anticipated the move and she quickly wriggled her arms free, then she jumped over Chastry's body, which was still lying on the stairs, and kicked her friend. Chastry fell off the tree.

"Yeah?" Delit called from the tree as she stood and leaned forward to get a better look at Chastry's fall. For a boy, he had a pretty nice pitch. "Ha! You fell twice in two days, Jingly-Toes!" She yelled victoriously. She waited for a response, but no insults, no anything came back to her. Delit started to worry.

Did she accidentally... killed Chastry?

As he fell, Chastry screamed as loud as he can. He wondered if Delit was laughing at this right now, or was she guilty? She better be guilty, Thought Chastry. or else I'll haunt her until her existent vanishes completely.

The ground seemed far but he descended rapidly. Chastry closed his eyes, maybe death would come quicker and less painful if he didn't watch how it happened.

The tree was very tall, so the fall was long too, but if the tree was tall, the bigger the chances that Chastry would die.

Chastry heard something like the tinkling of bells. Where did that come from? He thought. Then he realized he was still wearing the dorky outfit from yesterday, meaning, the noise came from his shoes. Great, not only was I killed in a weird world where only Delit Frambjoose knows me, I also get to die in a stupid costume. What else?

Chastry felt himself hit something, probably the ground. No... It was too soft to be the ground and he didn't even felt any pain. Was he in heaven already? Chastry dared himself to open his eyes. Nothing out of the ordinary, just the green grass on the hill the tree house was sitting on. Chastry looked at what he landed on. White, fluffy. A cloud? Heaven? Not sure. So he rolled off the strange cloud-like object he landed on, the bells on his shoes made a small tinkling noise as he did so.

He was soon lying on his side, squinting at the object. Chastry poked it and it let a long, somewhat musical "BAAAAAAAAH!".

Chastry gasped and got to his feet. The cloud-like object that saved his life was... a goat.

It let out another musical "Baaaah!" The tune reminded Chastry of something. A song maybe, a song he couldn't remember what the title was.

He didn't want to see Delit for another one thousand century, but he would felt better if someone was with him to accompany investigate the goat. He sighed and looked up to the tree, only a little of the wooden houses were visible from under it. Then he yelled, "Delit! Get down here! Look!"

Delit was pacing back and forth the stairs, she went up to the bedroom and down again to the kitchen many times, muttering, "What am I gonna do, what am I gonna do?"

Chastry's scream had long faded, and now Delit couldn't hear anything from down there anymore. Delit stopped at the stairs, leaning on the railing. She bent her arms raised both legs, like she was about to jump too, only much more reluctant and with no one kicking her from behind. She wanted to go down and check on Chastry, but what if he was dead already? The thought made Delit guilty and sad. She might not know Chastry that well in school, but he was the only one she knew in this world. Chastry wanted to help her when she fell down the sewage hole, Chastry had shown Delit the tree house. And now, the image of Chastry's lifeless body, still in the weird jester costume (even that couldn't crack more than a smile from Delit), right under the tree haunted her already.

Delit bent her arms even more, her head went lower and her legs went higher. The doll girl squinted, trying to see her friend, but the branches and leaves blocked her from seeing anything but tiny patches of grass. Sooner or later, may'be Delit would join Chastry again. It was only fair.

But then Chastry's voice, or maybe it was his ghost back to haunt Delit, called, most of the words weren't clear and to Delit, it sounded like, "De..it! Et... do...n h...re! ... Ook!"

Delit replayed the strange pieces of words in her head. She only managed to know that Chastry had called her name, 'De..it' was definitely Delit, with the 'L' missing.

Delit wasn't very afraid of ghosts in the sunlight, so she finally raised her legs upwards then her body was dangling from the railing, her wooden hands clutching the railing. Then Delit let go.

Her plan was to land on the broad branches near her, but the branches came faster than she thought they would. Branches, leaves, everything around her blurred. She ended up getting scraped in the face by leaves, hit her arm against a hard branch and landing on her butt.

Chastry was alive. He didn't look anything like a ghost, he looked just the way he was before Delit kicked him off the tree. Chastry wasn't looking at her, but was pointing at some fluffy white object in front of him.

Delit walked over to Chastry and looked at the white object, which was actually a goat. A goat wearing nail polish on its hooves and shady glasses, the fur on its head combed into a bow.

It reminded Delit of... "Lady Gaga?!" Delit asked.

The goat looked back at the two dolls, it stood on its back hooves and took off the glasses. "It's not Lady." It said in a deep voice. "And my name is the opposite of that, it's Man Gogo." It crossed its front legs in front of him.

"Uh, sorry, we didn't know," Delit said. "Are you a singer?" She continued.

Man Gogo the goat snorted, "Of course I'm a singer, a famous one too. I'm famous for many things such as my fashion style, my singing voice and fluffy hair." He started running a hoof through his hair.

Chastry looked at the goat for a while before saying, "You look a bit skinny but fluffy and fat at the same time, how's that so?"

Man Gogo shrug, "Perhaps I was just born this way~" He said, the last part was definitely the tune of the Lady Gaga's song.

Delit and Chastry shared a confused look, Delit wasn't sure what to make out of the goat, but it- sorry, he might know something about the strange world they are in. Delit motioned for Chastry to say something. Chastry turned to look at the goat then said, "So, uh, Man Gogo, what's this place? And why is everyone a type of doll?"

Man Gogo stared at Chastry as if he just spoke in an alien language. "Well, everyone knows what this place is, but..." Man Gogo's voice trailed away then he circled the two dolls in front of him. "You don't look like real dolls." He said, scratching his chin. "I take it you're not from around here?"

"Yeah," Delit said. "We're from a world called Earth, are we anywhere close to that place?"

Man Gogo continued to scratch his chin. "Earth..." He muttered, "Hmm, I don't know what to say if we are close to it or not. It's hard to explain with words." He waved a polished hoof. "I'll show you a diagram."

Man Gogo took a small pebble near where he was standing and sat down. Surprisingly, the hooves of the goat could hold a pebble, though maybe it was just new to Delit. Man Gogo gestured for Delit and Chastry to sit with him, the dolls sat.

Man Gogo drew two horizontal lines in front of him using the pebble, the one nearer to Delit and Chastry longer than the other.

"These two lines represent the two universes," Man Gogo began. "the longer one is called Mentuncre, that," he pointed dramatically at the longer line. "is your universe, the place where you come from is there?"

"How should we know?" Chastry replied the goat with another question. "That's why we're asking you."

Man Gogo nodded. "Right, good point." He said. "Alright, now the shorter one is called Duncre. And this place," Man Gogo then waved his arms. "is Duncre."

Delit said, "If that's so, then we came from the Meta- whatever you call it."

"Quiet, marionette." Man Gogo said.

Chastry opened his mouth to speak, but before he could get a single word out, Man Gogo silenced him with a raise of his other front hoof. "The two universe were created at the same time. You must know, that if a universe was born, another universe, being the complete opposite will be born too. That is why Mentuncre is bigger while Duncre is smaller, and Duncre is filled with magic and dolls while Mentuncre is, forgive me, ordinary and filled with strange creatures called humans, which I believe you are- sorry, were?."

The two dolls nodded. Delit was mildly offended, "You know, I prefer if you still call us humans." she muttered.

"Be quiet and let me continue."

Man Gogo shook his head. "You aren't human no longer, no, no. Once something enters Duncre, they are turned to the physical being they are supposed to be in Duncre. Like you, who came from Mentuncre as humans, the primary being on Mentuncre, yes?" Chastry was about to say that the only known place where humans exist is only planet Earth, but Man Gogo silenced him again. "But were automatically changed to dolls, the primary being on Duncre, once you enter. The same goes to the dolls here. These two universes are separated by a magical barrier so they wouldn't clash. The Guardian of the barrier is a tree created by the two universes, the tree exists in both universe, at both sides' magical barrier. Some people who know of it call the tree 'The Child of The Universe'"

Man Gogo drew a few dots between the two lines he drew earlier, along with another straight line that went across the dots.

"I'm guessing the tree is like the gateway, the door that got us here right?" Delit asked though she was sure she didn't need an answer. "Why is it in a sewer?"

Man Gogo nodded at Delit, "Now you understand? Because that is all I know of it, I don't know where the tree is located and what does it look like. I heard a rumor that we will need a flying ship, the tree seemed to have a fondness of it, they say, and that the journey is very dangerous. Very few people from Metuncre has ever return back to their universe alive."

Delit shivered. 'Very dangerous journey' is something she always hears in movies about adventures and fantasy, the heroes and heroines always succeeds. So she always thought, How hard can it be?But now, being one of the heroine in that type of story seemed scarier, like how she thought marionettes are pretty but never thought it would felt really weird if she actually became one.

"Okay..." Delit finally mumbled. "I'd like to go home then, I don't care if it's dangerous, I just want to go home." She said confidently. She thought of her family, her mother and father must be extremely worried, are her friends at school missing her? Did anyone miss her at all? Or had her word about her disapearance not passed yet and everyone she missed didn't miss her? She wondered how Chastry felt and glanced at her friend, he had a very excellent poker face. Chastry finally sighed and said, "I want to go home too. I'm going with Delit, show us the way to get one of these flying ships."

"Very well," Man Gogo said. "I will lead you to the town harbor.

"Hey, Man Gogo," Chastry said as the three of them walked through the not-so-crowded street of the town. "Why did you let Delit speak then shut her up, but you didn't even bother to hear what I'm saying?"

Man Gogo answered immediately, he was walking on his hind legs like a person, "Because your friend here spoke very quickly, I did not have time to hush her, but you take some time to get the words out of you."

Delit laughed loudly and Chastry stared at her like she was crazy. Maybe Delit was crazy.

Chastry and Man Gogo continued walking silently while Delit occasionally burst out laughing.

The town was different than it was last night, when Chastry first came. The most obvious difference was that the town was less crowded and noisy, the floating lanterns were dimmed and the buildings looked normal. The tents he saw last night were gone. Was there a festival last night? If so, he was thankful for leaving. going to wild canrnivals at a weird world he dropped into was not on his 'To-Do' list.

Man Gogo led them to the other side of the town. The harbor also looked normal, but the ships were all old-fashioned and floating several inches above the water. There was no beach, this part of the town was supported built on smooth, piled rocks built from under the ocean.

Man Gogo turned to the dolls and said, "I know a friend who might lend us a boat. Follow me." He walked to along the edge of the town of the town, which had short metal poles planted at it with ropes tying them to the next pole, to keep people from jumping off.

Delit and Chastry looked at the different variations of boats while following Man Gogo. There were small wooden boats and large ones, a steam-powered cruise ship with the name S.S Doll. There were only two of those types of cruise ships. Most of the ships there resembled pirate ships Chastry often saw in paintings and movies, with huge sails and a figurine at the front and all.

Man Gogo called for the two to hurry up so Delit and Chastry ran towards their new goat friend. The goat was standing in front of a man who looked like he was in his thirties, wearing a pirate outfit. Chastry remembered that most people in this universe are dolls, but Chastry didn't see any evidence of the man being one, he'll ask later. The man had shaggy brown hair and wild mustache, green eyes were almost hidden behind his thick eyebrows.

"Chastry, Delit," Man Gogo said, "This is my friend, a ship owner here, his name is Jeremy."

Jeremy grunted and stuck out his right hand, "Nice t' meet ya." he said in a gruff voice. "Old Gogo here said ya need a flyin' ship?"

Chastry and Delit nodded nervously.

"Says ye goin' to the Universes' Child to go to Metuncre? Dangerous things await, don't know if I should lend my boat to you, migh' not come back in one piece."

Delit stepped forward and rapidly said, "That's because none of us knows how to drive a flying ship, I've never been on one. But you have a lot of experience, maybe you should come along to drive so you can make sure your ship is alright."

Man Gogo nudged his friend, "Well?" He said. "How about it, Jeremy? You always say you want more travel, here's your chance!"

The pirate guy stood in his place for a while, stroking his mustache as if thinking. "I don't think-"

It was Chastry's turn to step forward, "Please, sir. We really need to get home and this may be a once in a lifetime experience. People rarely survive the journey to the Tree, yes. But maybe you'll pass away before you get to see the journey! Think about it, it'll do everyone good."

Jeremy finally gave in, "Alright, betcha never seen a real captain at the wheel, eh? Come along, I'll show you my boat."

Jeremy's boat was huge yellowish brown one, Jeremy had proudly said that it was made from all the materials that can only be found in Metuncre, pine, walnut, maple, hickory, birch, teak, cherry, oak.

"Oak?" Chastry had asked. "I thought the treehouse's tree was oak."

"That's not an oak," Man Gogo laughed. "That's a (he made a series of bleating noise)". After that, Man Gogo continued to babble on everything he knew about Duncre trees, no one was really listening though.

"Is he always like this?" Delit asked Jeremy.

Jeremy laughed loudly. "Ya, Gogo's a chatterbox."

Chastry paled, Man Gogo was even more of a chatterbox than his mother is.

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