Ever since the flying ship departed from the docks, Chastry started to act weird. He looked like as if he was drunk, tumbling around, going in circles, banging his head to the wall, making his head as a mop (he can take it off thou...), hanging his body as a flag and more other odd stuff. Delit started to feel woried about Chastry. She then suddenly remembered that on a class field trip, Chastry and Delit and their whole class went on a ship to go to the center of a lake. Chastry had a sea sick. He barfed all around the ship wherever he go. And now, since he is a doll, he cant possibly barf out cotton wool! That is truly a problem.

"Delit," Called out Chastry with a quirky voice. "Help me!" He called out again and fainted out of conscious. Everything turned black for him. Chastry saw light. Not the same light when he fell into the sewage hole with Delit. This time, the light was dimmer and calmer and somehow joyful. He then woke up being wet looking up to the sky. "GAH!" Shouted Chastry with shock. He stood up and said, "Thank you Delit, Man GOGO." Delit and Mang GOGO smiled. "You two better eat-up." Man GOGO served the 2 friends a plush fruit salad with wood nuts. Delit and Chastry looked at each other as if they weren't sure if these were edible. But Man GOGO and Jeremy seemed like they enjoyed it so they tried it as well. "It taste's like a normal fruit salad only fuzzier with all the cotton and wood chips." Said Delit. "We soon must get of this ship to find stock for the journey. We also might need a few more people on board. See that floating island? Thats where we would go!" Told Jeremy to the crew with confidence.

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Chapter 4: Dolls Can Starve

Ever since the four left for Mentuncre, and Chastry was already starting to act weird. After at least five hours of flying, Chastry went tumbling to the cabins and locked himself up in one. He didn't show up even once after that.

That night, Delit passed Chastry's door on her way to her own cabin, she pressed her ear to the wooden door. She heard nothing at first, but when whe pressed harder and listened more carefully, she could faintly hear Chastry moaning inside, occasionally forming words that was too muffled that Delit can't hear.

Delit wondered if she should call Man GOGO or Jeremy to check on Chastry with her, but it was already late and she was getting sleepy herself.

I'll check in the morning. Delit thought, finalizing her choice.

She looked at Chastry's door again before stepping inside her own cabin and closing the door shut.

The sun shone through the porthole the next morning. Delit was reluctant to wake up, the bed in her cabin was very comfortable, so was the pillow. A few more minutes wouldn't hurt, won't it? Besides, there was no sign of a storm or anything dangerous. She smiled and almost drifted to sleep again when she remembered someone.


Delit kicked off her blanket and slipped her wooden feet into her shoes, then she ran to the deck. Jeremy and Man Gogo were already there, happily chatting with each other behind the wheel. Man GOGO noticed her first.

"Good morning, Delit," He said, smiling. "how are you feeling today? Pretty good? That's nice to hear. Not too good, I hope, you might turn hyper. Where's Chastry?" he continued rapidly, turning serious at the last question.

Jeremy was now whistling a merry tune, holding the wheel with one hand. She glanced at the captain, scrunching her brows together. Delit wondered how they could be so merry when knowing perfectly well that they might be flying to their deaths.

"Chastry's sick, I think." Delit said to Man GOGO, who only tilted his head in response.

"Sick, you say? What kind of sickness?" Man Gogo asked.

Delit shook her head. "I don't know. I tried to hear what he's doing in his cabin last night, he was only groaning strangely. Sometimes speaking, but I don't know what he's saying."

Man Gogo scratched his beard thoughtfully, "Hmm... Well, come on, Delit, we need to check on Chastry. Oy, Jeremy!" He called to his friend. Jeremy turned to Man Gogo, still whistling merrily. "We're going to check on the jester, Delit says he's sick." Jeremy nodded and turned his head back to the scene in front.

The goat walked downstairs to the row of cabin, Delit trailing behind. She could hear Jeremy back on the deck, chuckling. "Ah, the landlubber probably just need some times to get used to the sea." She heard Jeremy said.

The two soon arrived in front of Chastry's door, Man Gogo brought up a perfectly manicured hoof and knocked on the wood. "Hello~? Chastry? Can you hear me? You okay in there?" He called a bit too cheerily.

Delit walked over and pressed her ear to the wooden door again. Still nothing but moaning and some words. Delit shared a worried glance with Man Gogo. The goat then turned back to the door and turned the knob, it opened swiftly and he skipped inside, doing a little dance while making his way towards the bed in the corner of the room.

On the bed, was a lump covered by the thick white blanket, which could only be Chastry. The only part of Chastry that was visible was a few strands of hair sticking out of the blanket.

"Chastry?" Called Man Gogo again.

Delit and Man Gogo leaned closer to the lump. They shared another worried look and Delit poke the lump. Chastry moaned again and poked his head out from the blanket, glaring at the two with bloodshot eyes, dark circles under them and his face a little green. "What do you want?" He croaked.

"Answers." Man Gogo said cheerfully. "Why didn't you showed up since yesterday? And the morning is beautiful, you should take a look!" he sang.

"I have sea sickness." Chastry replied, then he coughed a couple of times.

Delit stared at her friend weirdly. "We're not at all close to the-"

"And air sickness." Chastry cut her off.

"Oh." Delit and Man Gogo said flatly.

The sea sickness part, Delit know of. Delit recalled back in grade four, when her class, and Chastry's went on a field trip. They went to a big lake on the outskirts of the town, then the two classes of twenty-seven students went aboard a large boat. All of them was excited, the students keep on looking over the boat railings, looking for large fishes, the big boys dared each other to jump in though nobody did. Everyone was having a good time except for Chastry. He went to the quiet corner of the boat, where the teachers were sitting.

Some time later, the boat had to went back to the shore and a teacher brought Chastry to the shore, where he sat for the rest of the trip. The teacher, after talking with Chastry went back to the boat, where the kids were asking questions and complaining that they wanted to continue sailing.

Delit had looked down to see why they halted the trip, she didn't know anyone named Chastry back then, so the boy they left at the shore didn't look anything familiar. But she could see that he wasn't feeling well, he was a little green as he hugged his legs and rested his chin on them. He looked at the boat as it drifted away with the chattering children.

"You know," Chastry started again. "I always feel better after at least throwing up."

Delit looked at her friend strangely. He's air sick and he's talking about vomit. She thought.

Man Gogo just shrugged. "Why don't you do so, then?"

Chastry sighed before answering. "I wanted to, but I'm a doll now. Fabric, cotton, that sort of stuff makes me. I can't barf those things out, can I?"

"Can we please stop talking about anything related to insides and vomits now?" Delit said, cutting off Man Gogo who was about to say something back. "It's making me want to puke."

Man Gogo shrugged again. "Sorry. It's just that... I've never actually heard of a doll puking, so, really, I don't know." The three of them were silent for a moment before Man Gogo spoke again. "Oh! Anyway, it's almost nine, we need to have some breakfast, so do you, Chastry. Maybe a little food could help you, works for me most of the time."

"Yeah," Chastry rasped. "most of the time."

"We'll just bring something for you here in a moment. Be right back!" Man Gogo said while he walked towards the door. "Come on, Delit." He called and the doll girl looked at her friend again before hurrying after the goat.

"Vegetarian menu, please!" She heard Chastry called after the two.

"Who eats that stuff anyway?" Delit called back as she hurried after the goat.

"I do!" Chastry yelled, obviously offended.

Delit cackled at her friend's answer.

Delit continued to run after Man Gogo through the twisting halls she has never been in before, nor did she knew about. Occasionally, there were wooden doors identical to the cabin doors, some had a rectangular piece of brightly painted wood hammered to the door stating what lies behind the door. One had bathroom painted on it, another had armory and, the most peculiar one says weird stuff you wouldn't want to know. Delit decided she didn't want to know.

"Where are you going?" she asked her goat friend.

"The kitchen," Man Gogo said, then he snorted. "obviously, it's where the food is."

After a few more minutes of walking through more halls, often turning left and right and left again, they reached a door very similar to the cabin doors, but this one had a piece of painted wood hammered on it, the word 'kitchen' painted on it with gold paint. Man Gogo opened the door and walked in, he started to open cupboards, occasionally taking something and placing it on a table on the corner.

Delit looked around the kitchen. It looked very much like the kitchen back in the treehouse, only this one was much larger and the floors were checkered blue and white tiles and everything was in better shape. Then she remembered there was a floating magnifying glass that Chastry thought functions as a stove back in the treehouse kitchen. Her head jerked upwards, looking for a magnifying glass.

She noticed one immediately. A hole in the shape of a square was cut in the ceiling, showing the clear blue sky outside. A magnifying glass floated in the middle, but this one had something that looked like black cloth over the glass. Delit tilted her head and stood on her toes to get a closer look.

"Hey," Delit said. "What's with the magnifying glass? How can it float? There was one it the treehouse where we found you, but we're not sure what it's supposed to be."

"It's a stove." Man Gogo said. He was now punching, what seemed like, meat on a white cutting board that lied on the table. "As for the second question, magic."

So Chastry was right. Delit thought.

"Chastry asked for vegetarian menu." She said.

Man Gogo looked up to Delit then back to the meat he was grounding. "Oops." He said. "Well, we'll take the (he made another series of bleating noise) and you'll be in charge of making a fruit salad for Chastry. The fridge has endless supplies of vegetables, take what you think he'll like."

Delit nodded and walked over to the giant fridge on another corner. She pulled the handles and the double doors swung open. The fridge had four racks, illuminated by a floating yellow lantern above the top rack.

The top rack was filled with dairy products, giant cheeses, containers of yoghurt, bottles and cartons of milk and other odd stuff Delit didn't recognize.

The second rack was filled with meat, fish, chicken, lamb, beans, eggs, nuts, magic beans, golden eggs, mushroom, toadstools, giant mushrooms and other things that seemed very odd.

The third rack was packed up with vegetables and fruits, apples, bananas, pear, pumpkin, grapes, chives, tomatoes, brocoli, peas, cucumber, carrot, poison apples, bed peas, pumpkin carriage, strawberry, and allot of other stuffs that cant be described. The fourth was packed up with bread, rice, noodles, pasta, cereal, biscuits, oats, doughnuts, forbidden rice, and even plain cotton wool.

The last rack had a numerous amount of sweets, oils and fat products such ass pie, lolipop, chocolates, candy, taffy, toffe, mints, cake, candy cane, witch's house of candy, cotton candy, cloud cotton candy, fructose, glucose, cooking oil, vegetable oil, gasoline, squid oil, pig fat, and large containers with odd labels such ass "whale fat" and "chocolate cream pool".

And did you know. All of them were toys...

Delit started to make the fruit salad for her friend. She made it just like Man Gogo's, but instead of apples she put in tomatoes. She then ran through the ship's hallway to Chastry's room. She knocked on the door and asked, "Chastry, may I come in?" There was no reply. Until, Chastry sneezed till the door flew open. "Yes." He replied with a blocked nose. "Here is the fruit salad you wanted." Delit said softly.

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