I'm a knight in shining armour-
And you're a Dragon-heart,
But there's no damsel in distress,
No cities torn apart,
And you aren't guarding any treasure,
But treasure's where you are.

You're the Dragon Hearted Girl,
And you could burn the world,
But I've got my sword and shield,
And I'm gearing for attack
But I'd never hurt you love,
I just want to bring you back.

They say I must be crazy,
Out to slay the Dragon-heart
'Cause you've got claws and sharpened teeth,
And fire in your mouth,
And they say you're a merciless monster,
So I won't be holding back.

Watch out, Dragon-heart,
I'm going to steal you away,
And I need no chains to do so,
No ice to keep fire at bay,
I like your warmth love,
So tell me, will you stay?