A older man sitting alone in the dark, crying into his cup of jake and coke, mostly jack at this point. He feels as if hes lost everything, there is nothing left for him on this earth. He's time is almost up. And then in a instant She appears, dressed in all black sleethering her way to him. The dark glumy shadows follow behind her. The man does not see her, yet he can sense her presence.

She whipsers in his ear. "Tt doesn't have to be this way for you. I know you are tired, let me help you." The man hears this, he is still but lefts his head as if telling her to continue. "There is a gun in the bottom left drawer of your desk. Take it and end this misery you're in." She slowly lefts him up leading him into the direction of the desk. He opens the drawer pulls out the gun and lefts it to his head. his quiet tears turn into sobs.

He crys out " I don't want to do this! Im afraid!" he starts to lower the gun but quickly she grabs his hand and holds it in place.

She speaks gently but firm and demanding to him " You have nothing. Do you really want to continue this life. Finally you can end it all and have peace. Is that not what you want?"

The man silently agrees with her. Everything she just said he has felt. He wants peace. He needs it. She releases his hand, once again he holds it firmly to his head, he places his index finger on the trigger ready to pull. In a flash a white light appears, blinding the man. he drops the gun and shields his eyes. A voice calls out to him. "Dont do this son, you"re life isnt over. Far from it" A a man in dressed in all white appears it seems as if he is floating on air.

"Freeze!" The woman shouts. Instantly the older man stops moving, he's gun still laying beside him. " Elijah" She breathes sensually " I see He sent you to try to stop me?" Her face morphed into a look of digust as she spoke.

"Mania, you know he's life doesnt end this way, my Father sent me to put a end to this." Elijah stares at her they are quiet for what feels like hours.

Finally Mania speaks. "Why do you and your so called Father care so much about these mortals?" She walks over to the frozen man pointing at him her disgusted look back once again. "They are not worthy of anything. They spend their time on this world sinning, ruining their own lifes, they only ask for help in their time of need but once they are on top again their life of drugs, alcohol, and adultry begin again! All of these mortals are selfish! Why do they deserve your kindness and love?" Her eyes seem to hold nothing but pure evil, burning so bright with just one look she could set a forest to flames. Elijah stays calm and glides over to the oppsite side of the man.

"You look at this man and see a sinner, i look at this man and see what is to come. The moment he accepts Christ into his life great and wonderful things will happen. The Lord has a plan, this man may not know it yet but he will. everyone will. Yes they all sin it is the worldy things that keep them from experiencing the Love of the Lord. But they are worthy, they are worthy because God choose them to be on this earth God choose to use them all in his magnificent Plan! God will wait for each of them and while waiting he will protect them and love them. Now unfreeze this man and let him choose his path"

Mania unfreezes the man with a wave of her hand. The man stumbles abit, dazed and confused. He can no longer see the light. Elijah and mania are standing beside him but cannot be seen by his mortal eyes. "Pick the gun up" Mania whispers in the mans ear. "Go ahead end this pain" The man kneals to pick up the gun.

"Dont," Elijah speaks with such power in his voice the man stills. "this not the end for you. You are in the wilderness but you can make it through. With the power of the Lord you can overcome all loves you. He will be the one to heal your pain."

"Dont listen to him." Mania interrupts, "Thats the same God who took your family away from you. If he loved you so much why didnt he heal THEM, huh?" Mania was manipulating him very well. He picked up the gun. "You're on your own noone is here for you." She went on "You have to end it yourself. Come on, its now or never" The man placed the gun to his head.

Elijah spoke again." She wants you to end your life because she doesnt want you to know the greatness of the Lord. Yes he took your family. He took them to a better place, where there is no pain or evil. They are safe and happy. The Lord knows how you feel, remember he sent his only son to die on the cross for you. If that doesnt prove his love for you what will?" The man looked confused. where to turn? he wanted out. he wanted happiness. he looked at the gun in his hand, the decision weighing on his heart.

Mania could sense his hesitiation she acted quickly, "you are alone. you will always be alone thanks to your wonderful God." she spat, "Taking your family away and leaving you to deal with the pain and misery why would he do that to you? If thats your God why would you want to get to know him?" Her words struck the man and he knew it was over. he would end all of this. Just as he made up his mind there was a knock at the door. Mania looked surprised but Elijah remained calm. The man quickly placed the gun back in the door and went to answer the door.

To the mans surprise it was a woman probably not to much younger then the man hisself. She had a cover pan in her hand. "Hi, i'm sorry to bother you but you havent been to church in a few months i know things have been hard on you and i just wanted to check in." When she spoke the man could hear the worry in her voice. " I brought you some supper i didnt know if you have ate anything home made in awhile." She smiled and handed him the pan of food. "I won't stay and bother you any longer, but just know that if you ever need someone i'm here. You can talk to me or anyone at the church. We are all worried about you. Just know you'll always have a place." She hugged him goodbye and went on her way. She may not have realized it but those few words meant so much to that man, in that moment he knew all the things elijah had said was true. God was there for him and had a plan. It may not have been the plan he originally wanted but it was how it was suppose to be. He knew he had a long way to go but with God guiding his path it would all turn out wonderful. The man went over to the drawer pulled out the gun, removed the bullets and placed it top of his closet where it would stay. he didnt need it. the weight had been lefted. for the first time in months the man went to bed and had a peaceful sleep.

"Well played" Mania said to Elijah as the man drifted to sleep. " I guess you win this one. I'll never understand the passion you have to save these mortals but i guess thats why we plan for different teams huh?" She smirked at Elijah moving next to him. " You know if you ever get tired of being the good guy you could always come over to my side for a change" She ran her hand lightly down his arm.

"You already know the answer to that Mania" He gently pushed her away.

She looked up at him through her eyelashes, "Even the devil was a angel at one point." Once again trying to touch Elijah but he continued to keep her away.

" I serve to please my Lord, you will not change that." He stated firmly.

Mania backed off, "Very well, i suppose ill see you again. There are millions of people out there lost and cant save them all." She smiled cynically.

" I wont stop trying. The love of the Lord is stronger then anything and anyone else. In the end you will not win."

That being said Mania disappeared into the darkness while Elijah floated into the bright light.

One saved, millions to go.

The End