The End Times: Argamir's Story

Chapter 1: The King's Birthday

Argamir looked up; the table was bustling with excitement and laughter. King Aramir was sitting next to his advisor Thaddeus, they were both laughing Aramir's laughter was deafening, Thaddeus' was fake.

There were many other people sitting at the table, politicians, Arls, Teryns and other important people. Sitting on the opposite side to King Aramir was Wazzledon, Argamir's tutor and the Court Wizard.

"So, what's your opinion Argamir?" Argamir didn't know who asked the question but now the occupants of the table were silent and looking at him. Argamir was the King's son; he had deep blue eyes and shoulder length brown hair much like his father. His nose was also pointy and his lips smooth, the perfect Prince and only seventeen.

"Sorry, what was the question? Argamir asked.
"We were talking about Elves my Prince. What do you think about them?" one of the Arls asked.

Elves were the lowest of the low in in Human Society. Those who did not live in cities lived in their forest kingdoms away from Humans. Only King Aramir's charisma and charm had kept the Humans and Elves declaring all-out war on each other.

"I think Elves should be treated as equals. They were created by the Time Gods just like us." Argamir never believed in Gods, but he did sneak out of the castle and visit the slums to bring Elves food from the castle pantries (the castle had many of these).

Thaddeus laughed, "I think all Elves should be strung up, disgusting vermin" he spat on the floor. King Aramir raised his silver goblet in the air. "I think my son's opinion should be everyone's opinion" and he drank deeply of the wine in his silver goblet.

A few minutes later everyone was enjoying the King's Birthday once more, all except for Wazzledon, who was looking at Thaddeus with great dislike. That was when Argamir heard it, Wazzledon's voice inside his head. "Meet me in my office in ten minutes my Prince. I'll give you time to get away, I have something important to discuss with you" he commanded.

Wazzledon had already risen from his seat. "I'm sorry my King but I must take my leave. I have some studies to attend to" and he bowed.
"Are your studies so important that you must miss the King's Birthday?" Thaddeus' dark voice asked. Wazzledon looked at Thaddeus, "I find the company at the tableā€¦dark." And with that Wazzledon left the Great Hall.

Ten Minutes later Argamir rose from his seat. "I must also take my leave" he announced "I have a headache" and Argamir also left the Great hall. He walked up the stairs two at a time. No one was around, it was custom for guards and soldiers to take the night off and get drunk for the King's Birthday.

Argamir reached the fifth floor; there was only one door, Wazzledon's office door. Argamir lifted his fist to knock but the door had already swung open.

"Sit down" Wazzledon commanded. Argamir entered the door and closed it behind him, and he took his seat. Wazzledon took the seat behind his desk (which was covered in various coloured scrolls and incantations). "Okay, I'm going to come straight out with it. There is a plan to end the King's life."