Chapter 5: The Prince's Flight

Argamir left his father's body, but only just. It was all happening too fast for him. His father betrayed and dead, the city burning and Wazzledon most likely dead now.

Argamir ran to his room and opened his personal wooden chest. He pulled out the red travelling cloak made of velvet and wrapped it around his neck and shoulders. He then pulled out his own steel sword from the chest with its sheath. He shouldered and tightened the sheath and placed his sword in it. He took one last look around his room. Would he ever see it again? Too many questions ran through his head.

Argamir turned around and left his room, passing the dead bodies that littered the corridor along the way. He heard more screaming and fighting, this time closer, more soldiers had reached the castle. Argamir walked further, to the other side of the castle that was on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the sea below. Argamir walked into another room and opened the window wide. The sea below was crashing at the rocky side of the cliff. Argamir didn't want to jump, he wanted to stay with his dead father, to kill Thaddeus, but he knew his father wouldn't have wanted that…at least not yet.

"There he is!" the shout echoed behind Argamir, soldiers were running out him with bloody swords and shields. Argamir placed one foot on the window edge and jumped. He fell; he felt like falling forever, it would have been a better alternative.

Argamir hit the cold water, it felt like knives piercing his entire body. He felt himself being dragged under by the currents; he swam hard, trying to keep his head above the water. Then he felt the sandy floor beneath him, he had washed up on a small beach below the cliff.

Argamir picked himself up, he wanted to lay down forever but he knew he had to keep going. He looked up, the castle was visible, and the lights from the burning fires were growing on the cliff's edge.

"One day, I shall come back. Yes I'll be back, I'll have my revenge Thaddeus, and you will not survive. I will smash Spellbound and be the king my father wanted me to be." Argamir promised. He pulled the soaking wet hood of his cloak over his head and continued walking along the beach. His destination unknown, Argamir's old life had just ended, he would have his revenge one day.

His new life had just begun.