Disney Princesses...

Sodding things.

Too skinny. Too pretty. Always underestimated, unappreciated – till right at the end when they don a pretty frock and get swept up by some rich prince who is loved and everyone realises how un-worthless they truly are.

That never happens. Not in real life – not ever. Not to real girls.

In the real world an ugly fat girl tries to get by and no one lets her, not even her own family. So in the end she stops eating – no one notices, no one cares – if she has to eat she makes sure it doesn't get the chance to be digested.

As for the ugly... she can't help that but she can sure as dammit take all the anger at other people out on her own body – for being so hideously mutated.

The same family quite possibly won't remember the comments they said but they definitely did say those things. Comments like that stick to a girl like gum to a school skirt.

Social outcast – that phrase sums me up ten times better. Unwanted by anyone – unless they want something for themselves.

Standing alone in a crowded room.

I appear to have friends – from the outside I must look really popular but I don't really. I have a bunch of girls who only like me to use any gossip they might be able to acquire from me and spread it amongst themselves so they have something to talk about. I'm like their pet freak – I don't mind, I use them right back.

None of them choose to look long enough or hard enough to realise that the scars they see on the surface go so much deeper.