Hi. I'm Maddie Beaver, a preteen mother. I'm here to show you another story about my son Levi. It's going to be all about life from when I gave birth to him, to today. Here is our story...

I was 8 years old, 39 weeks pregnant, and in misery. I was waiting for a long time...and then the day finally came. I woke up on March 22, 2009. I ate some fruit, took a shower, read a book, then decided I was terribly bored so my dad drove me to the mall to get a manicure.

Halfway through the manicure, I started feeling like I needed to vomit. I just figured that I had eaten some bad fruit that morning and I shrugged it off. But the pain got worse. And worse. And worse. And worse.

*flash forward a few 14 hours* I had just given birth to Levi. My entire family was in the delivery room. That day was crowded. I don't like being in crowded rooms with 60+ people. I like 33 or less in one room, so that day was too crowded.

Well, finally, I got so fed up with all those people that I screamed my head off for them to get out. They all left except for my dad and my siblings Debbie, Danny, Krystal, and Abby. They sat down in chairs, and I calmed down. I had decided to name him Levi.

Time passed. We laughed. We talked. I let my dad and the siblings hold Levi. It was a great day. Levi hardly cried, except for once when he was hungry and once when he had just been born. My dad brought me Astro Burger, cause I did NOT want the hospital food.

When night fell, my dad and the siblings had to go home. My dad worked tomorrow, so he promised to bring me food, but he couldn't visit me until the next day. I didn't care, I had Levi. I fell asleep soon that night, and woke up multiple times.

Why I woke up multiple times? Levi cried. I fed him, and he went back to sleep soon enough. The next day, my dad brought me a burger king hamburger, then he left for work. I held Levi, and I fed him. I had a great time.

Soon my dad was back, he got carl's jr. hamburgers and he brought my iPod. I could listen to music while Levi slept, but I was so tired from last night that I fell asleep listening to The Beatles' "Goodnight". Coincidence, eh? Lol.

My dad came at 6:00 that night. He gave me a huge taco from Del Taco, it had all these delicious vegetables in it like chopped carrots, lettuce, and peppers. It was awesome! My dad said I could go home the next day. I was very excited.

The next day, my dad brought me a huge chicken sandwich from El Pollo Loco. He would be coming that afternoon to take me home, I was very happy.

When he did bring me home, everyone was happy. My dad had redecorated my room with new bedsheets, a rocking chair, *welcome home* wallpaper, and all that stuff. I was very happy and excited to be home. I think I ate a salad, then changed Levi.

*flash forward one month* April 22, 2009. I had gotten used to life with Levi. He was hard, when he cried. But he was a sweet baby and cooperated very well. I still had some freak outs when I didn't know what to do, but mostly, I was cool.

*flash forward to June 22* I was out for summer break! I had Levi all to myself and didn't have to go to school and leave him.

*flash to March 22 2010* Levi's first birthday. I threw a party for him and invited all my school friends. Levi loved it. He got lots of presents and he loved the cookies and cupcakes I baked for him.

This is all for now. Look out for the next chapter. It tells more about life today. But first I have something to say. It's about you all telling me I'm lying, telling me I'm abnormal, telling me I have ADD, or telling me I have an obsession with writing about Levi.

I do NOT let Levi eat whatever he wants. I feed him the food I eat. I eat junk food a lot, yes, but I eat healthy food a lot, too. Levi and I eat fruits and veggies every day. I don't recall EVER saying that I let Levi eat whatever he wanted. EVER.

I do NOT have an obsession with writing about Levi. You all think I don't know the difference between reality and fantasy. But I do. I do. Yes, my mom died when I was, I think, two years old. I do not miss her because I don't remember her. You cannot miss someone you don't remember, so I do not need a counselor to talk "troubles" out cause I have no troubles!

I do NOT have ADD. I repeat, I do NOT have ADD. ADD is not the same thing as autism. And for those articles that say I have autism, they don't tell the whole story. If you read pages 246-249 of my dad's book "Life's That Way" it tells the story of how I got out of autism. And how it was a miracle.

My dad has NEVER, EVER said my stories of Levi were ridiculous! People saying that are ridiculous! And I will NOT keep my Levi stories separate from twitter. "Why, sweetie!?" you ask me? Because MY DAD ALLOWS ME TO POST ON TWITTER AND ON FICTIONPRESS. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? "consume my everyday life." That's what some people said my stories do. Are you kidding me? Seriously?

The bottom line is, you need to look and understand that you don't know me, you think I fib a lot and you think I act like I have ADD. Please come meet me and see for yourself that I act like just a normal girl, and if you don't want to, then just shut your mouth! If you just shut up, world peace would come.

I raise my son with love, confidence and happiness. Putting me down for that is disrespectful. I work hard to give my son A LIFE. I raise him correctly, and that's all that matters.

A/N...Ucat 2 here. Maddie would love reviews for her story, but let me ask you, if you feel the need to lecture her or try to force her to quit writing, or jut put her down...why? Is it fun pitting your adult intelligence against an eleven year old child?

I read a lot of stories here, and elsewhere. If I don't like it...I don't review. I do not have the inclination to make a child feel bad. I don't unerstand people who do. So please, leave a word or two about her story telling or writing craft, good or bad, put leave the personal attacks against her, her dad, or her percieved conditions out if it...