I fear the day I may lose control:
A mirror turned inward and frightened me.
I am the child with far too much power
And not enough governance,
I am the mentor with their fingers on the strings
Playing with reckless roughness.

Toss and turn and toss a table and
Shatter glass like it was nothing but a thin veil
Between worlds.
When they began biting I lunged and fought back
The tremor in my voice as my eyesight tinged dark.

Do not frighten her.
Never frighten her.
I may slap the hand smartly in punishment and
It may be the wrong thing to do, the wrong thing,
But she is in my care AND YOU DO NOT

And it was love that tended to her,
A love monstrous, but means well,
As I took her hand and led her back to the mother
Who looked upon us with her husband,
Perhaps knowing better than I, that I try.