I'm sorry
That my desire for
Filling quiet spaces
With the physical

And I love the blushing smile
That says you don't mind.

Here in the wilderness
Your headphones are off
And you're not silly-speaking;
It is the only time
I've seen you truly quiet.

Even I, who thinks only of
Wrath and lust
Just watching.
Not just the subdued waves
Of the lake, but

So still,
No one would see you there.

Without a gasp,
I give in to only a faint touch
Along your arm.

The wind is strong,
Pushing the water onto the shore
With a mighty crash

And I can't help but think
Of your sounds
As I overwhelm

And another rarity beholds-
Fingertips along my
Light and shy
With me taking notice.

For once, I think,
I'll meet quiet with nigh-silence:

No bravado,
No demands for shouts,
No roughness.