* In English we had to write a short story set in World War I. We had also just finished watching HILL 60 and my favourite character died so I felt like being a bitch and writing something sad.*

Raindrops on Roses and Girls in White Dresses

I am going to tell you a story; you do not need to know my name and I do not need to know yours. What you do need to know is that this story is about my friend Kida and her love, Milo.

The year was 1915 and we were at war. It was a time when boys had to be men and women were left heartbroken. Kida and Milo were in love and he was preparing to ask for her hand; but it was not to be. Recruitment officers came to our town and Kida's father informed Milo he could not marry Kida unless he fought and proved himself a man. Kida and I begged her father but he would not budge. In a fit of rage and desperation to be with Milo, Kida joined the Red Cross in the hopes she and Milo would be reunited. She did not stay in touch with her father but I received letters from her regularly. They all told me the same thing; that she was yet to find him. Though, 9 months after she left, Kida sent me a letter telling me she had found Milo and they were together and planning on marrying.

That was the last I heard of my dearest friend Kida. Four months later her father received a telegram informing him that both Kida and Milo had been killed in an explosion, that Milo had been found shielding Kida with his own body and that Kida had been 12 weeks pregnant.

*I hope it made you want to cry, in the nicest way possible.*