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Previously on Laguna Beach:

"Oh what? Is this your new girl Danny boy? Different from your usual type isn't it?" Eric looked bemused, the chances of this turning ugly was increasing.

Who's girl?

I pushed myself off of Eli, "Listen asshole, as much as I love a good pissing contest, quit acting like some Aaron Carter turned Al Pacino Godfather. You knew bringing this idiot here would start a fight, now stop playing god and the hell off this beach!"

He smirked, undaunted by my rage, "Wow, you actually found one with brains...and bite. Not what I was expecting. Oi, Douglas, you didn't tell me that New York here was so feisty."


One of the guys in the back stepped forward, his white teeth gleamed in the dark, "Well, I did say she was quite something. First impressions can be deceiving."

I was staring right into the eyes of Peter Douglas.

Of course, he would be one of them.

Chapter 5

Peter Douglas.

Well, at least we know that he wasn't a ghost.

It was as if life was always laughing at me. I mean, first Ryan, now Peter? Peter Douglas apparently. Of course he would be friends with these...jerks. He was probably spying on me for them, god, I was so naïve. "DOUGLAS!" Ian bit angrily, "Go crawl back into your hole like a good little golden boy."

"I'm here to enjoy the shit show with the stupid you always bring," Peter smirked, completely different from his earlier demeanor. Again I was struck by how...nice he looked. I couldn't believe the twisted words that were coming out of his mouth. Or the fact that he was trying to hook up with me an hour ago. He was right, things are not always as they seemed.

"Who are you people anyway? Idiots who just like to stir trouble?" I frowned. The boys of Laguna High clearly hated them. The rest of the onlookers seemed to recognize the intense hatred between the two groups and stayed away from the conflict.

"Residents of Seaside," Eric suddenly stuck his hand out toward me, as if the fuming male teenagers were not standing behind either of us, "I'm Eric Kennedy."

"Eva Ross," I said, not taking it.

"I've heard a lot about you Miss New York," he pulled his hand back, "Laguna High is selfish for not sharing a gem like you."

Keeping my poker face, I glanced at Peter before I calmly replying, "I can't say I can say the same about you."

There was a pause, some of the guys behind him eyes' bulged out as they looked at him for a reaction. Eric only laughed, "Feisty."

"East coast sass," I mutter before I can stop myself.

I hear Daniel cough behind me.

Greg looked like he was about to break out of the hold any time now, I had better wrap this up before it got really ugly. "I'd appreciate it, if you left my welcome party," I frowned, "Sorry, if you drove all the way out here for a good time, but I already had to deal with a drunk brawl at work, so I kind of need this to be chill. If you know what I mean."

Eric had his own poker face going on as he appraised my expression. The boys behind him waited for his decision as well. Finally he stepped back, "Alright, Alright. We can settle this another day. Let's head out," Greg reluctantly let himself get pulled by one his retainers. "Think of it as your welcoming gift New York," Eric continued, he looked at the boys behind me, "We will settle this later though." Ian made sure to give him a farewell middle finger. His goons all stepped back one by one, Peter was the last, winking at me before he turned and left.

I cannot believe I even thought he was cute.

I turned back to the four of them, "Why are guys always looking for a fight?"

Daniel pulled his gaze away from the retreating trespassers, "What's a beach party without a little drama?"

Or a bar apparently.

"Hm," I frowned as we all returned to our campfire. I felt a buzz in my phone pocket.

East coast sass? I'm digging it.

My jaw dropped. How did he even-What? I looked around to see if anyone had noticed, but the others seemed to be nodding off-sleeping off the adrenaline rush. Ian was back to lip-locking with Lily.

Somehow Peter Douglas managed to take my phone, program his name and number while I was distracted.

I texted him back quickly: [You ass. How did you get my phone?]

I could just hear his voice: Ouch. Now you don't want to be friends with me? As for your phone, you weren't exactly on red alert.

[I don't want to be friends with snitches.]

Why? I really felt like we bonded.

Ha! Whatever!

[If bonding means calling you out on your major character flaws, then I must have bonded with the entire eighth grade class of Powell Academy.]

It was more along the lines of me standing up on the gradation podium and blatantly telling everyone that they sucked and should go to hell. I did this, after I found out that I was moving across the country of course, but that's a story for another day.

You can't deny destiny: we were meant to be friends New York.

My school life was just a tad bit to hectic, I really didn't need someone form a rival school to mess it up even further. As far as I can tell, my new friends hated Seaside's guts. Eric Kennedy was an asshole, Peter was friends with him, so that didn't make him any better. I replied:

[No. You're a Capulet, I'm a Montague. Last time the two people crossed those lines they ended up dead.]

His text was delayed: R&J were from the 16th century Ev. I think we're much more clever than that. Besides, suicide is overrated. (Plus they were lovers, are you implying that there's something more between us? ;])

I must have blushed fifty shades of red, luckily by now, Ian was on full make out with Lily, Summer and Ryan were off somewhere. Daniel was passed out and Eli was completely focused on his chords. I quickly typed my response: [We are not -I repeat- NOT lovers.]

Great! Friends then. See you around, bestie.

I dropped my phone and fell back with a groan.

"What's wrong with you Eva?" Eli looked down at me, without stopping playing his Spanish serenade.

"Boys are such idiots!"

"Ian nearly got beat up after sleeping with some other guys girl and you just got that now?" he shook his head.

"Hey Renee?" I asked the next day at lunch.

It was just one of those days where I needed female companionship, so I decided to sit with Renee. Besides, Ian was still fuming over his bruised face and was being comforted by some girl. Summer took the day off for a hang over and Ryan was taking lunch to go visit her. Eli and Daniel had a soccer meeting with the coach.

Renee was pretty easy to talk to, so getting along with her was no problem.

Plus, she had all the dirt.

"What can you tell me about Seaside?"

"Seaside?" her mouth dropped, she nearly dropped her burger, "It's like a HUGE rivalry here! How can you not know about it and be a Breaker? It's been around since both schools' infantry: the Laguna Beach breakers against the nasty Seaside Trojans."

"Uh, yeah, so?" I shrugged, school rivalries weren't new to me, just never a big deal.

"Honestly, I wrote a whole column on it," she huffed at my lack of enthusiasm, "What's got you so interested anyway?"

"Well," I stabbed my lasagna, "A group of Seaside guys kind of crashed the bonfire last night."

Her eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head, "TELL ME."

So I did. Omitting the part about Peter, I told her about how Ian's shady past almost caused a fight at the beach. In hindsight, I was surprised that I actually stepped in to stop it. Back in New York, I probably would have kept to myself and let it all play out. In the end, Eli drove us all home, I managed to sneak in without waking Joey, though I got an earful the next morning; she reminded me that she wasn't my mother, but still worried when I didn't at least text her when I was out past curfew.

"Wow," Renee breathed, her eyes shining, "You have to take me to one of those next time."

"Uh, yeah, next time," I stabbed my meal again.

"Only been here for a week and you've already been to an A-lister party? You have to teach me your secrets," Renee insisted, finally finishing her meal. She wrote scribbled something down in the notepad she always had next to her.

"No secrets, I am basically an open book," I rolled my eyes, to which she muttered a 'yeah right', I coughed, "What's the deal with Eric Kennedy anyway?"

"Eric? He really hates our favorite four juniors," Renee gestured to Ian, "They were friends when they were young, until his parents moved him over to the Seaside district. I guess they fell out of contact and by the time high school hit, they were already brainwashed into rivals and hated each other ever since. It gets really intense around football season, because he and Ian are on their respective school's team."

I guess I could see that. Again, boys really loved their rivalries.

"What about Peter Douglas?" I blurted out, I remembered his golden boy look, blue eyes, khaki shorts, winning smile, etc.

"Oh no. You fell for Peter too?" she looked at me with pity.

"Wait, what?! No, he was just there," I denied to quickly. I was being honest, yeah I found him a little cute, despite his awful choice in friends. Can you blame a girl? He was cute and Ryan was a little preoccupied with his crazy girlfriend.

"Yeah, don't go there. First, he's a rival. Second, he is a master at the playing field. He's gotten girls with his 'nice guy' attitude all the time; like a total con artist. Doesn't hurt that he's got those blue eyes, blonde hair thing," she sniffed, "You don't know how many girls, from all over the district, have gone down that road and had their hearts broken."

Okay. I knew talking to Renee wouldn't make me feel better.

As if he knew we were talking about him, I got a text after school: Miss me yet?

I ignored it and hopped in the car with Eli.

"How'd you like the party Eva?" Eli smiled as we drove to work. Because he had to drop off a package at the postal service, we had a ten minute detour and had taken a different way to the Jukebox.

"Uh, interesting," I grimaced while snapping photos of the passing scenery, taking advantage of the change of view, "You guys know how to throw a party..."

"Hahahahaha!" Eli chortled as he honked at some guy on the sidewalk, who waved back. I glanced over at the guy and noticed a little memorial on the side of the road, a white bike; I took a picture of it too. Something about the photograph, made me stop as I scanned through my photos; it had someone who looked familiar, I tried zooming in as close as possible. couldn't be-

"Eli? Who's memorial was that?" I frowned, as we drove away.


"The one with the white bike."

"Ah," he frowned, his brow creased, "Hit and run cyclist accident. He was only thirteen."


Oh no. Accidents happened like that in the city all the time. One time I met a ghost who was a bicycle messenger, he was struck by a taxi driver who was pulling out, and was thrown into on coming traffic and died instantly. He had me look all over the city for the engagement ring he bought for his girlfriend and had me deliver it to her. She collapsed into tears and threw herself on me to hug. I spent the rest of the night crying.

"Did they ever find out who did it?" I asked.

"No, it just happened a few months ago, it was a pretty bad night though, storms like we haven't seen in a while. They called for an emergency evacuation on the east beach due to flooding, so he shouldn't have been out there anyway. Poor kid, no one could figure out why he was trying to bike through that storm. Joey was real torn up about it."

"Joey?" I asked, confused.

"Yeah, Jason was her brother."

"Jason," I said in my room.

He appeared of course, looking very confused, "What? How did you-"

"Jason," I repeated his name "You name is Jason O'Reilly."

Jason's eyes widened in shock, he remained immobile, sitting on the window sill. When ghosts got like this, I found that it was best to leave them alone. Sometimes, a name was all they needed. Maybe Jason could finally move on now. My room was this close to being ghost free-

The lamp on my desk began to flicker. Jason looked at me angrily when I tried to take a step closer to him, "STOP IT! LEAVE ME ALONE!" the bulb burst, making me scream in surprise. Holy cra-

He vanished, leaving me stunned.

What the hell?

"Eva?" Joey came up with half cleansed face, "What was that? I heard you scream?"

I whipped around to face her and instinctively blocked the window, as if he was still there, "Uh, it was..."

"OH! Dude! The glass! Eva, watch your feet-" she signaled for me to come toward her, "Wait, I'll get the dust pan-"

A few minutes later, we finished scrapping every inch of dust and glass from the floor boards. Joey was shook her hair loose from her bun, "Damn! It's like this house is haunted or something!" I laughed weakly; she was almost right.

"Freaky," I agreed. Jason's reaction had been so strange, what was going? Had something happened between him and Joey? I was planning on buttering Joey up a bit before asking about him, but seeing that she was here already, I blurted it out before I could stop myself, "D-do you have a brother?"

Joey's hands froze midair from adjusting her hair, she looked at me, her eyes wide, "What?"



"U-uh," I stammered, "What I meant was... Eli and I were driving old bicycle and I saw the boy, he reminded me of you and Eli told me..he was," I ran out of breath toward the end.

Joey nodded slowly, she sighed and picked up the dust pan, "Yeah kid. He was my brother. Uh, he died in one of those spring storms, when he was staying with me for the spring quarter. This...this was his room."



"Not that-" she stood up straighter, "I mean, if you feel uncomfortable with it-"

"No!" I stood up to, suddenly feeling awkward, I didn't mean to make my host feel uncomfortable, "This is fine...It's fine." Besides, I was used to all this ghost stuff. Here came the nosey stuff, I swallowed, "Did he-Did he, have any problems at home or at school?"

She ran her hand through her hair, "No, he was...he was a teenager. It was that time where he hated the world and through that everybody hated him. You know how they are."

I nodded, middle school were tough times.

"Yeah...It kind of got too much for my mom, so she sent him here. You know, to get some ocean air, thought it would do him some good..." her eyes wandered somewhere far. I didn't want to say anything to bother her.

She shook her head, and startled me when she moved suddenly, "Anyway! Is there anything I could get you?Tea? Hot coco? As an apology for all this haunted crap."

"No," I forced out a smile, "I'm great. Thank you."

"Yup!" she said too cheerfully, "Good night Eva."

"Good night Joey," I said as I watched her trod down the stairs. I waited until I couldn't hear her footsteps, and I fell back on my bed in a great huff, as always, when I solved one question, I was met with ten more after.

"Yo! New York!" Daniel whooped from the field, as he kicked the ball to his partner.

I waved. I just left the library and was heading over to the bleachers where I liked to sit and watch soccer practice. Southern California had such beautiful weather, I wanted to enjoy every minute of it and soak up some vitamin D. Plus, the shots I got from my camera were beginning to make a little collage in my room. Today was a special day: Joey had closed the bar so that they could re-stain her bar counter. That gave the four of us, me, Eli, Daniel and Sal, a day off.

"Hey Eva, I'll meet you five minutes after practice!" Eli grinned, he had offered to drive me home earlier today. I saw some onlooker glance at me in interest again, I was beginning to learn to ignore them. I was used to blending in the dark (mainly alleyways), attention was a new thing for me, here in the sun, there was nowhere to hide.

"Take your time!" I rolled my eyes, "I don't want to be stuck in a confined space with you smelling like a wet dog!"

"Natural cologne!" I heard him retort after getting a few insults from his teammates.

I grinned and turned back to facing the front, where I almost ran into, Stacey, and her red-head cheerleading friend.


"Hello Eva," Stacey smiled sweetly, but her eyes said anything but sweet. I already knew that she didn't like me very much, but for some reason, she was so keen on in me coming to her stupid tryouts. She came everyday at lunch this week just to talk about it...and remind me. Usually, Summer was always glued to her side, but she had been out with the mid-fall cold, so we got Miss Brave here instead.

"Stacey!" I plastered the usual smile on my face, "How's it going?"

"We were just talking about you," she and her redhead exchanged looks, "How we are so excited for you to be participating in tryouts this Friday. We are looking for great girls like you to be on the team."

Yeah, this is like the umpteenth time you told me.

"Ah, well you see, Stacey, I," I began, scratching the back of my head, "I don't think that, I'm cheerleading material-"

"NEW YORK!" I heard several honks before Stacey can answer. My mouth gaped open as I looked at the figure behind her who had pulled up to the curb. Stacey and her friend turned around and did a double-take, the red-head gasped, "Is that-"

I ran to the car before anyone else could see Peter Douglas, rolling down his windows. Even wearing a plain white tee and an American Eagle hunter green hoodie he looked like a clothing advertisement. He flipped up his bands so get a better look at me and flashed me his winning golden boy smile. Damn those blue eyes.

"W-what are you doing here!?" I burst, I glanced to see if Daniel of Eli had seen him, luckily, the coach had them in a huddle. Stacey and her friend still watched us with interest, their mouths were still slightly open.

"You wouldn't answer my texts," he laughed as if I was the funniest thing in the world, "So I decided to see if my friend was okay."

I made a mental face palm, this guy was a stubborn-

"IF that wasn't any indication," I hissed, "That was me not wanting to be your friend. Now leave-please!"

"Wow," he leaned back, in his mustang, "I'm a little hurt. It looks like I'll have to get out of the car and get on my knees to beg."


Sure enough he turned off the engine and unbuckled his seat belt. I looked around frantically again, Stacey was still there. I could not let him get out of the car; for his safety and mine. "Stop!" I pushed him back and tried to shut the door, he was very strong, stronger than I was.

"No," he grinned, enjoying this, "Not until you agree to be friends with me."


What was this guy's problem?

"You know why I can't do that," I shook my head, "I just got here, I can't cause trouble."

"What trouble?" Peter looked at me innocently, "We're just friends. Since when was there a law passed that said Seaside and Laguna Beach kids can't get along?"

"Evidently," I said nervously, trying to come up with an argument, "It's an unspoken rule, that existed since both schools' birth!"

"Well, I'll just have to go ask someone to verify that then," he resumed trying to push himself out of the car.

"NO! Please," I could hear the soccer players ending practice and the locker room was only twenty feet away. This black mustang would have nowhere to hide, I begged, "Please don't come out."

"Only," he paused , "Only if you agree to come with me."

"What? No way, go where? NO!" I still struggled to shut the door.

On my only day off?

"Fine then," he resumed pushing. I could smell the blood that would be dripping in the air. Daniel and the rest of the soccer team would have a field day playing with Peter Douglas...and his pretty mustang. I began to hear the chatter of the team heading back from the field.

"Alright! Alright!" I let go of his door in a panic and ran over to the other side, threw my backpack in the back and collapsed into the leather seat, "Hurry, let's go!"

"Jeez, " he casually buckled his seat belt, and slowly readjusted his sunglasses, "It's like you don't want to be seen with me or something."

I huffed and sank lower into my seat.

He chuckled as he sped out of the parking lot. I didn't bother to look back to see if Stacey and her friend saw it.

I managed to text Eli, 'I'm going home with Renee to work on newspaper stuff,' hopefully that would be enough to convince him of my absence. Daniel, hopefully wouldn't ask too much questions. It's not like I could tell them: 'Help. Being kidnapped by your sworn enemy'.

Yeah, that would go over well.

I peaked up to see the scenery rolling by, based on his speed, we weren't going to be in Laguna Beach for very long, "Where are we going?"

He smiled at me, I tried not to let it melt my heart, "Santa Monica."

Third street promenade was bustling with life; families, elderly, college students, and couples were all mingling, window shopping and enjoying the street entertainment. An outdoor shopping area right on the beach. I admit, Pete Douglas knew where to take a girl. Peter parked the car a few streets down. He grinned at me as I scrambled to pull out my camera, "Do you always bring that thing with you?"

"Don't," I closed the car door, "Insult my Herman. He makes the world more beautiful to me."

He grinned and leaned closer to me, "I could make the world more beautiful to you."

I leaned back away from him, and pushed the button, Herman flashed. Peter stepped back, disoriented, I sighed and pushed myself off the car, "Just keep looking pretty. Idiot."

He laughed and squeezed his eyes for a moment to readjust his eyes, "You are not like the other girls."

"Based on what I've heard about the women you hang out with, I'd say that that's a compliment," I snapped another shot. We began to walk with the flow of traffic, somewhere someone crooned on the guitar. A few stores away, a group of b-boys flipped and twisted for an applauding crowd. It was a nice nostalgic feel, from when my nanny used to take me for walks.

'You've asked about me? Wow, I'm flattered," Peter grinned. He was beginning to get a few stares from different women, even some men. Why wouldn't he? Even in simple jeans and a hoodie he stood out in a crowd. I considered running away from him and getting back on my own, but the explanation I would have to give to my savior would have me singing cover ups for months.

I looked at the clown making six-year-olds balloon hats. I snapped a photo there too, I really wanted that giraffe. Peter saw my expression and smirked. He strode over to the man before I could protest, slipped him a bill, and pointed to the display.

How did he know?

My mouth gaped open as he held the giraffe out to me, "Want?"

I nodded, and made a reach for it.

He pulled it back, "Only if you promise. To be friends."


"You're bribing me with a balloon animal," I gave him a look of incredulity, "What is this kindergarten?"

He smiled and patiently...That was really nice giraffe. I bit my lip. On one hand, Peter Douglas was a conniving sleaze ball who preyed on womens' feelings and hung out with a douche bag who commanded an army of brainless gorillas. On the other, he brought me here and had a giraffe balloon in his hand.

I know.

I am really soft.

I took the giraffe.

"Friends," I stressed, and hugged the balloon.

Peter flashed me the widest grin to date, it was just so...happy. If he was lying to me or using me against the Laguna Beach boys, he was being a really good actor. I felt the icicles in my heart melt a little and for some reason, I found myself grinning along with him. Damn, why was he so cute?



I hoped I wouldn't regret this later.

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