I smiled slightly as I watched the snowflakes melt in my palm. Standing in the cold, the snow… I shivered. Yet I didn't necessarily feel cold. I just felt strange. Exhilarated. Anxious. And most importantly, incredibly nauseated.

At any moment the man I'd come to love would open the doors behind me and walk out onto the loading dock of our school. He surely got the message from my friends, telling him to meet me here. After all, why wouldn't they tell him? If they cared anything for me they would have. Well, except one, but that's because apparently my prank Christmas gift wasn't as funny as I thought.

It was the last day of school before break. The cars had all gone from the parking lot. Only mine and a few others remained. The whole place looked and felt empty. Just…empty.

My fingers touched the sprig of mistletoe I bought in my pocket. Having given away all my other gifts, I had only this one remaining. I wanted to make it special. Very special.

I heard the door creak. Whirling around, I saw him walk out toward me. He smiled. "Hey."


Looking at him, all the emotion that built up in me came to a head. In him I saw tied up three years of my life. All that time he loved me, and I nearly let him get away. Even in the way he gazed at me, I knew he loved me. His affection was real. It was real and warm.

My mind began rushing in a million different directions. Did I really want to commit myself to him as a girlfriend? I'd had a hard enough time just getting up the courage to do this, and even then I hadn't planned ahead. I mean, he was…

No. Just because he was poor and I was…not didn't mean we couldn't be together. After all, love knows no bounds, right? I'd gotten the go-ahead from my parents. I could do this.

"They said you wanted me."


Oh God, did he have to look at me like that? I began to feel light-headed. How was I supposed to do this?

For the past three years I'd vehemently denied any love to him. I didn't love him. I never would love him. He was like my brother, and that was that. But when I found out I might lose him, I… I'm not sure. I just suddenly had to have him.

His kindness knew no bounds, even when I was undeserving. He always strove to make my day better, even though sometimes I didn't think I needed it. I didn't want to go without that. I had to have him in my life. I just had to.

"So what do you need?"

This was it. I had to pull out the mistletoe and cement my love for him. I just had to do it. "Well…"

He waited patiently, still looking at me with the smile. I couldn't help but be sucked back to a conversation I had some time ago. My mother essentially told me she knew. She knew I had secretly loved him all this time. I only said I didn't for her sake.

But did I really love him? I wanted to. There were still times yet that I didn't, though. Is that normal? I suppose everyone goes through spats. But… I don't know. I'm still a teenager.

My hand reached into my coat pocket and pulled out the green. His eyes widened as I held it up. "Is that…?"

"Mistletoe." I nodded.

"Why do you have that?"

I stepped toward him. "Kiss me."


"Just do it."

When I grew scared of my feelings toward him, I had made it a rule that he doesn't look at me, doesn't touch me, doesn't do anything to me unless I give him permission. And now I'm giving him that.

He gently leaned his head down to melt his lips to mine. I kept myself against him, my hands on his chest. He snaked an arm around to knot his fingers in my hair.

Beyond the door, I heard a cheer and some clapping. My friends were obviously watching the scene unfold. Jerks. This was supposed to be a private time.

When we separated, he looked down at me breathlessly. "What was that for?"

"I'm yours. You finally got me, heart and soul." I hugged him tightly. "I love you. I have for three years. I was just too stupid to say anything. So… I decided that this would be my Christmas present to you."

He remained silent for a time before he smiled. His smile grew wider and wider until he began to laugh. I gasped and frowned at him. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing… I'm just so happy that you've finally admitted it."

"Don't tell me that you knew the whole time too!"

"Nah, I didn't." He pulled me into his arms again. "Merry Christmas."

"And a Happy New Year."


Happy first of December everyone! Brave yourselves for Christmas fics.