Umm, this is, well, a short little act for my Drama class... Umm, well, tell me what you think, peas.


Baby Angel- 14

two friends

Tia Angel- 16

Derek Angel- 19

three friends

Kay Kristor- 14

Summary- Baby has a pretty odd life. Two female best friends, who happen to be dating, a multi-personality elder sister, and over protective older brother, and a boyfriend have her stressing out. Poor Baby...

(Baby enters a living room and flips on the T.V. Tia joins her and opens a book. Derek enters from opposite way and sits down next on other side of Baby)

BABY: Can I help you?

TIA: Nope~ (pauses)

DEREK: I hear you've got a boyfriend...(slings arm around Baby's shoulder.)

BABY: (nervous) y-yeah?

TIA: Oh, Babydoll! Boys are no good! I mean they stink, they are messy, they're irresponsible, players and- Oh, just look at your brothers for instance! (Derek's eye twitches, but he lets Tia continue rambling) I mean, your eldest brother just got a steady job and Derek just lost his car! And then your eldest sister's boyfriend- major druggy- Oh, but I don't want you to worry about that! Biggest sissie can take care of herself, why, I remember- Oh, but that's beside the point! The point is-

DEREK: SHUT UP ALREADY!...(Tia backs off sulkily)... Thank you. Now then, the point is, you shouldn't have a boyfriend. You're only, what, 12?

BABY: ... 14...

DEREK: Well, whatever. You're still a child, and don't need a boyfriend. You-

BABY: Back. Off. I'm not a kid anymore. You're not my father. Stop babying me.

TIA: Awe, Babydoll! But that's why you're named Baby!...(pause) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! MY BABYDOLL IS GROWING UP! (hugs Baby) I don't wanna lose you!

BABY: (eye twitch) Sorry, Sissy... But... (sigh...) (stands up and brushes Tia off. exists)

DEREK: Stop annoying her!

TIA: ME? You were the annoying one, calling her a child!

DEREK: You were fussing over her as if she were a child! I was only pointing out a fact!

TIA: (jumps on Derek, screeching like a banshee)

BABY: (re enters stage) (sighs) (pulls Tia off of Derek) Come along, sissy, let's get you some apple cider...

DEREK: And good riddance!