Chapter 1

"Clearly you don't want to live," snarled a tall, thin, and sinister-looking woman, standing over a large man writhing in pain on the dusty stone ground. The woman spit down on him, and span around, her dark robe sending dust into the air.

The man looked up, his face drained and his body starved. Pulling energy from some depth of his body he let out an ear-splitting scream, followed by the shattering of glass somewhere far off in the distance. The fearsome woman turned back to face him, drawing her long slender nose down to his, spitting on him with her every syllable, "How dare you attempt to free your wife… After everything I've done for harmony… and you still intend on defying your queen!"

She pulled back, a dim candlelight illuminating her handsome ivory skin, large brown eyes and full lips. Wickedly smiling, she drew her palm back and swung her hand across the man's face with her sharp nails that tore at his skin. The marks were deep, yet the man showed no fear or pain on his face as he growled "You know what I want… and the only way for me to attain it is for me to do as I feel is right. You will get no information out of me."

Smiling ferociously, the woman grabbed the candle and backed towards the small doorway. "You will tell me the truth. And you will pay for everything you have done to me." Slamming the iron door shut, she left the man alone, chained to the floor of a small dark prison.

"Catherine! Wake up Cat!" Frantic voices filled the room, loud whispers and gasps broke the sudden silence from Catherine's fainting spell. She tried to open her eyes, but all she could see was blinding white light, while she could clearly hear the frightened voice of her English teacher, Mr. Harris, yelling for her to wake up. The tile floor of the classroom felt cold and hard underneath her body.

"Catherine, can you hear me? It's Abby… wake up!" The sound of her best friend's voice was familiar, but not enough to get Catherine to come to consciousness.

"Ok, Abigail, I am calling the paramedics… She isn't coming to!"

"I'm sorry Mr. Harris but you can't… Cat has a special physician… She faints all the time! I think its anemia or something!" Catherine could hear the frantic voice of her best friend and urged to console her, but all she could see was sharp white lightning when she tried opening her eyes.

"I don't care if her physician is a specialist, if so, he can see to her at the hospital, I cannot be responsible for the repercussions if I do not take care of this…" His voice cut off as students began screaming in the classroom, and Catherine could hear the thuds of feet running out of the classroom. Suddenly her body erupted with pain and her eyes opened wide, seeing only fire in the classroom, as Abby and Mr. Harris began dragging Catherine's lifeless body.

"Abby?!" She called out in shock, and Abigail looked down at her, realizing that her friend gained consciousness.

"Get up Cat!" Abby ordered, "the classroom- there's a fire!"

Faintly Catherine heard the long drone of the fire alarm and lifted herself to her feet as the others dragged her along, her body aching horribly. They reached the designated fire escape for that classroom and Catherine quickly went back out of consciousness, her body weakly collapsing in the arms of her best friend.