"I want a man with muscles
I want a man with big, blue eyes
I want a man with a caring heart
Who makes me feel higher than the sky."

"I want a Knight in shining armor
Who sweeps me off my feet.
I want a man who's just like this
All my expectations, he will meet."

How naïve are you,
To think he'll truly come?
This Knight in shining armor,
This cliché that you speak of?

There is no Knight in shining armor
You aren't a damsel in distress
He will not ride up on gallant steed
Or wrap you in a silky dress.

You are so naïve to think
That such a thing exists
When you realize that you are wrong
My, friend, you'll be royally pissed.

You can sit there
And tell me that I'm wrong
That your Knight in Shining armor
Will soon be coming along

I'll let you sit there and wallow
In your ignorance, you'll finally see
That no Knight in armor comes
And you'll know to listen to me.

That Knight you think of
In his silver and his glory
Is no more than a fairytale
No more than a child's story.