Ok….this isn't a poem guys…but I wanted to share this because it made my life:

I work in the Burlington Kroger dept and get love stories every day…but none that touched me as did this one.

A man walks in. Showing a certain nervousness. He tells me that he will be telling his special someone he loves her tonight. The irony? He never ever thought he was capable of falling in love. He's an older gentlemen. "I have a story as well…if you have the time " he says…"I have all the time in the world " I say.

"I have a bad heart you see…a leaky valve so they told me. I'd need a heart transplant in a few years. I've never truly been in love. I always attributed it to my broken heart…its physically broken and not capable of love …that's what I told myself. "

Instantly my heart went out to this man…he's endured so much. I always thought being 21 without someone was lonely…but this man…he endured so much longer. He continues "I met up with a group of other singles to go on a hike . A certain woman took special interest in me and later sent me an email. We have been dating 3 months and I know I love her. But I went to the doctors yesterday. It's time for my routine heart checkup. As the doctor listens to the thump of my heart he smiles… and he looks at me and says "your heart is in excellent condition. No more leaky valve! See me in a year for a routine checkup. "My heart is healed….and I've fallen in love. My hearts not broken anymore."

If I could only explain to you the feeling I had reading this story…somehow…it gives me hope. For my own future. But whatever the case…his story is beautiful and needed to be shared. So thx for listening.

Ariana =)