This is just a short little story I found in an old notebook. A little creepy but still Scarytale worthy. Thanks!

Gram says it's important for little girls to practice their scales. She says everyone should know how to play the piano because music is so beautiful that it can draw a person in and make them forget about their surroundings. That's what she likes best. Gram would invite people over to listen to me play the piano.

"Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow, this is my granddaughter Annalise. She is a very good pianist. Annalise, play us a song?" she croons as a young chipper couple smile at me.I sat down at my piano and began to play. From my fingers floats the haunting melody of Fur Elise and I hear them gasp over my shoulder .

"So young and yet so talented!" Mrs. Woodrow sighs.

"A protégée" Mr. Woodrow remarks. His voice is harsh like that of a business man who couldn't be trusted. His voice is hushed out by a low growl and then the screaming starts.

Mrs. Woodrow's shriek pierces the air as the roar fills the room.

I keep playing.

Mr. Woodrow is now begging for his life but the pleas are cut off in a roar.

Red splatters my keys.

I dab my finger in it and stick it in my mouth. The coppery taste of blood was unmistakable.

"Gran?" I say turning to see her standing in a mess. Blood and gore are splattered all over the walls and floor. Shredded clothes lay in a heap. Gran regards me with warm yellow eyes and a smile filled with sharp teeth.

"Gran, you always gobble them up and never save any for me!" I yell as I flick the scratchy blue contacts out of my eyes. I could see much better with my own pair of yellow ones. Gran said I had to wear the contacts because normal people didn't have yellow eyes.

"I'm sorry dear, I just get so hungry" she smiles and tosses me Mr. Woodrow's ring finger "her, this should tide you over until dinner. The Shelby's are coming over so practice, practice, practice! Your Fur Elise is sounding very good"

"Yes, Grandma" I sigh and stick the finger in my mouth. The Shelby's will like my Fur Elise too but I hope grandma saves me something to eat this time.