I remember
The sunset that bleeds into the indigo
As the stars mimic
The glitter of the sand.

May I take you?

The waves we'd dive into
Heart-first, an open question
Into the pulling of something soul-deep-
A giddy vertigo as the galaxies tilt.

For the whole world as witness
I want to taste the sea on your lips,

To have our scarred fingertips
Brush tiny crystals against our flesh
Before the foam bubbles hide them once more.

From the edge of the world
I want to breathe
Everything we've ever wanted
While pretending to be open shells...

As if we finally knew
The secrets a mermaid's soul keeps.

What else dare I whisper? This, this-
"I want you to cry
So I could kiss away your tears,
But your heart to never break."

Remember this,
When memories and longing seem to never meet.