After what seemed like decades of the cool and gray
I found you, found you again.
All I had to do was shift around a hidden angle,
Pull and tangle the invisible strings...
All to support a stage, a ledge in the void,
A brief overlap of your world and mine
Glued together with every possibility except this one.

Color began to flood my vision,
A gray with a hint of red.
No sound, except for the light.
We couldn't help but shake in the midst of this impossibility.
I was nervous, knowing.
For a long time we were just ourselves,
Not symbols withholding shortcuts and answers and real names.

It grew louder, as if to warn.
It grew dimmer, as if running out of time.
It's better to walk than be pulled away
So I stepped away
Backward, back in time toward
Where I should be,
Where I must be.

I suffer more and cling though it'll only be
A mere three years.