We all have our small
Tiny little habits
Born of superstition and peace of mind
Such as
A saucer of milk for your daydreams and
Deep breaths, calm thoughts

The instant you stopped being a daydream
Was when you returned porcelain to me

I travel through places I haven't
Set eyes on, not for years
I inhale from what seems like
The bottom of my soul
And there's a new little ritual
Where my heart resides
Where I carve, again and again

And to think, we've met some time ago
When we were both similar
Holding the same
Superstitions riddled with truth-
We never compared,
We lost our nerve
So we kept each other cradled
In our hearts as we slept

My laughter was nervous
When I realized and began to love
The murmur you give to the winter night
And the way your eyes unfocus to rest on
Something only hinted-
Because we all have our small
Tiny little habits
And I feel capable of loving
Every single one of yours.