What can you say to someone
Who flows through
The world like it was so much rippled water,
And every word she says is an effortless breeze?

There will never be
Enough time for me
To speak up and breathe-
She's been in my dream.
I've been circling the issue for far too long.

She is my dream.
(So runs my dream.)
I am left breathless.
(The parallel dreams.)

And how in the world
Can one see through her eyes,
Refracts and reflections-
When one doesn't know how to hold hir own breath?

I'll learn well if
I can just sit still and close my eyes,
I should travel
Or let her travel
And she could teach me with
Her body weaved with mine.

Much longer I won't hold on to this shyness-
I did hint to her for she's made me bold.

And this has happened once before;
And it seems like
With each instance I can almost
Feel her a little more,
I can taste her on my tongue.

I've been circling the issue for far too long,
Circling in the ripples of a sweet water.

She is my dream / She's in my dream
(So runs my dream) / (Run, dream, run on)
I am left breathless. / Beg me to gasp
The parallel dreams.