Welcome, this is the beginning of a difficult fight for power between a feminist teenager and a somewhat powerful Health minister, in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Hope you guys enjoy. Sorry if it's not up to everyone's ideal standards.


Emma Young's POV

Everyone was suspicious when the City Council called a vote on whether to allow a new minister of health by the name of Mr Alexander Wayne, but that was 9 months ago. Since his approval everything seemed to go smoothly and all the suspicion appeared pointless. Well, up until the outbreak within the City's biggest hospital in which he runs. The morgue began to move, and left out bodies were returning back to some form of 'life', panic consumed the city and it was shut off for cleansing purposes.

In the meantime despite the outbreak, Mr Wayne still seemed much loved by those in power as he set up 'protection' policies gathering those worthy from within the towns and villages outside the city to place in to protected cities set up to withstand any chances of major outbreak. Which is where I come in, I lived within one of these designated villages and mine had the pleasure of Mr Wayne himself coming to 'interview' within our allotted times. Being 17 meant that I was counted as a single, not a child linked to family, so I was interviewed on my own within the village hall like most adults.

The interview was unconventional in my mind, when I had entered he looked me up and down as if to make his first judgement just as I did mine. Seeing him in person for the first time fulfilled the image created in my mind. He was broad shouldered, not skinny but not fat, and his hair was clean cut and his face cleanly shaven. His eyes were ice blue contrasting his hair dark chocolate brown. He wore a black suit, crisp white shirt and skinny black tie. He had that look that said he was loved and he knew and enjoyed it. When I approached the table he stood and shook my hand before he sat himself down once more.

"Take a seat, Ms Young," he said looking up at me causing me to nod and pull out the chair in front of me and sitting myself down on it.
"So Ms Young, you know that we are inviting those we feel who will benefit from the reinforced town being set up by the city, correct?"
"Yes, I read the letter." I said crossing my arms against my chest looking over at him.
"Right then, so Ms Young what are your aspirations for the future?" He said taking the clipboard from the table and pen.
"Well I plan to go the university, study up to be a lawyer, then find a job in a firm and settle down." I saw the way Mr Wayne's eyebrow rose as he jotted something down before saying anything else.
"I see and what about romantic plans?" I tried my best not to scoff at his question.
"That is not a priority of mine currently." Again he jotted something down before placing the clipboard down on the table and watched me for a moment.
"And why's that Ms Young? Aren't your parents expecting a husband, grandchildren?"
"Maybe, but it's my choice. It's not the law or anything." This comment made him grin and stand from his seat. He circled slowly round the table putting me ill at ease. My eyes fell to the table as I kept my arms crossed to my chest still. His hand grazed my shoulder causing me to shudder.
"Well it may just be a law where you could be going."

I gritted my teeth and stood up suddenly, making the chair slide back into him. I turned to stare up at him coldly. "Well you can put on your damned clipboard that I'm not going. I didn't like the sound of you 9 months ago, and I sure as heck don't like you after meeting you. So you can shove your 'hand-picked' town up your ass." He just grinned at me grasping my arm as I neared the end of my speech. He leant down and I stood like stone refusing to look to him as his voice dropped to a whisper in my ear. "I will be seeing you soon, Emma, don't be getting in too much trouble whilst I'm gone." With that he let go and I stormed out of the room and village hall, refusing to look back at the infuriating man. I despised him, and despised the fact that he held my fate of where I lived within his hands. The so far minor outbreak seemed to fade to the back of my mind after that 'interview.'