Well here's the next part. I have to admit this one isn't an overly exciting one but not every chapter can be.

Hope you enjoy.


The car journey dragged on for a couple of hours before we stopped, my desperation to use a bathroom irritating the driver enough. We arrived at a petrol station where he handed me a £20 note to buy him and myself some lunch. So in I slipped and after around 10 minutes of deliberating what I fancied and a quick trip to the bathroom, I returned to the car with a bag and handed him his food through his window before returning to the back seats of the car and beginning to pull my own lunch out the bag and began working my way through a chicken sandwich in silence. By the time I had finished it the driver had obviously finished his as he restarted the engine speaking only to tell me to put my belt on.

Once back on the road I ate a little slower, saving a chocolate bar for later on. Another couple of hours passed and darkness consumed the roads as we finally appeared to stop. The windows were dimmed so I had barely been able to make out what appeared to be tall walls before we disappeared into a building. The sound of something much like a garage door shutting occurred then the slow movement downwards much like in an elevator. This made me cautious causing me to squint and try and make out what was outside the door. Failing I turned back to look over the driver's seat as finally the movement stopped downwards before the car moved forward slowly before parking up. Finally the driver spoke up. "We're here."With that I attempted the door as it appeared to be child locked so stopped and waited for a moment. The driver opened it for me and I slipped out slowly steadying myself in my heels.

Nodding my head to the driver mumbling thanks I moved from the car to see the face of Mr Wayne about 10 feet away holding my bag. As I looked to him I gulped and looked down as he was first to break the silence. "Well it's nice to see you Ms Young, I must admit you look rather different from your interview." I bit my lip and nodded rolling my eyes at his words doing my best to be as civil as possible. "My parents thought it was such an occasion to dress up, although I think I may have wasted the day travelling in it." He turned to indicate a way in which to move, so I did so moving towards his side slowly looking about the room that appeared to be a vehicle garage.

"I'm sure it isn't going to waste." He said not looking at me as we reached a door, his free hand moving to the keypad by the side typing a code so quickly that despite me trying to catch it, I lost track by the time he finished. He slid the door open letting me enter first before him, then shutting the door. I bit my lip as I can into view of the living room, it was black and white, a clear sleek and professional feel to it with a large curved sofa being the centre piece. He kept my bag and walked past me over to the sofa and put the bag by it before sitting himself down on it whilst I remained by the door. "Well come on, sit then." I gulped conflicting with myself whether now was a good time to say no.

Thinking of the heels I nodded and walked over to the sofa, choosing to sit just out of arms reach from him. She turned to him and gave him an awkward smile looking around the room before mumbling. "So why did you ask me to come early?" He seemed to grin at me as I peered up and moved enough to wrap his arm around me and slide me to his side causing me to squeak in shock. "Well I needed more time to confirm my decision, though that dress has certainly decided some of it." He said with a smirk one hands fingers trailing down the curves of my sides causing me to tremble and shift slightly in his grasp before his hand clamped down on my side and I winced.

"You see sweetheart, there's a law in my lovely town here, that people get to make the choice on who's theirs if I approve it as right, and I asked myself, is it ok to have you, and of course, I said yes."

I turned raising my hand and moving it swiftly against his cheek. Pausing in shock watching his cheek become red and raw, his eyes turning cold and hard, his grip becoming harder and rough.

I don't think I should have done that.