In my dreams
I fly
When I should take
-a plane,
A leap across ocean
To places
Where I cannot
-reach by foot

A safe place
Of hills covered
-in shallow water
And the graceful curve
-of dancing trees
Left in the wake
Of small mammals
-learning to fight
-and love

I know I'm to slip
To this place
But even now I feel
-your gaze, versed
-of 7 years of me
And the shock of your
-wild being
Comforts me
When my mother
-cannot reach
From home, a wilder place-
Poor, but warm

Technology closes the
-gaps but
Can I feel arms
-around me?
I do, and I wake
After dreaming of
-touch and being tasted

Back to the hum
-of harddrives
The scent of cotton
Plastic angels that fly
For/With you

I feel the ancient rhythem
-stir within
As I turn in your arms
Humming of ancestors
As you murmur

"I followed you"

And wake
-and take me
-home again

And I knew

With the wild gates
-still clashing in your ears
And the scent of water,
Yearning for barefoot walks

You would whisper
Of our parallel dreams:

"Come, let us love."