The wall separates us because you want it to
And it's high, yet
I could easily cross upon it like a
Tightrope walker
If you want me to,
You do.

Last night
I heard you rustle in the grass
As you bid me goodnight,
Hesitation in your steps
I touched upon a few notes
Of a love song
I heard

And I scaled that wall
For you wanted me,
You did.

First I walked, high above your head
And you beside me
Low in the night,
With rarity
You sang to me,

Then I held out my hand-
Too bold, I thought
And I saw you mull over
Your next choice of words.

But you do not have to
Say anything:
Just keep breathing, to
Let the constellations move.

I can move you
Before I climb down and
Into your arms-
If you want me to,
You do.