"'Cause you were mine for the summer
Now we know it's nearly over
Feels like snow in September
But I always will remember
You were my summer love
You always will be my summer love"

Summer Love – Chapter One


Summer. It's that wonderful time where you're off from school; off to do whatever it is you want. A time where you're free to go wherever you want, with whoever you want, summer flings, and best of all; no homework. I smiled; I'd been counting down for this day since January. However, I didn't know that I would be flown to California. I was ready to just spend my summer with my friends in New York, with everyone else.

"Ma'am, if you could please fasten your seat belt, we'll be landing shortly." I looked up from my book and realized that the air hostess was talking to me. I smiled politely at her, fastening my seat belt and packing my book away. I looked out the window and saw that California was slowly coming to view. I tied my long brown hair into a bun and just watched as my destination became perfectly clear.

I stood there, looking through all the signs that held out names. I frowned; did they really not come to pick me up? So far, I was having a really hard time adjusting to California. It was definitely hotter than New York. Luckily, I had packed shorts and a white tee in my carry on bag just in case I really did need to change. Well, that and because my mom told me that once I'd get off the plane, the hot air would hit me like an earthquake. Boy was she right.

I walked further out into the crowed and soon enough, I read the sign I'd been waiting for about an hour now.

'OLIVIA JACOBS' it read, I smiled and walked over to my Aunt and her long term boyfriend.

"Auntie Ann!" I exclaimed rushing to her, she smiled and hugged me. My aunt was by far the craziest Aunt you could meet. She was only 23, so she was pretty young. She was my dad's little sister. Her boyfriend was 25, and he was pretty good looking. They'd been dating for two years now, and I was glad. There was no one else more perfect for Aunt Ann than Daniel himself.

Daniel was tall, around 6'5, blonde hair, bright blue eyes, well built and he had that Californian tan that everyone had except for me.

Aunt Ann was around 5'5, she was petite, and she dressed amazing. She majored into fashion for University so I guess that explains it. She had brown hair, up to her shoulders, like my dad, she had brown eyes.

"I missed you so much 'Liv" she gushed. I laughed, pulling away. I hugged Daniel, he chuckled. He'd been my favourite because he'd always side with me when ever there was a reason to. He'd help me do or get anything.

"I missed you Daniel!" he hugged me back, before grabbing my bags and leading us out to his car.

"You are going to LOVE your room!" Aunt Ann gushed. I smiled.

The rest of the ride had been about catching up, we talked about all the things I wanted to do here, about Aunt Ann's job, Daniel's plans, and basically how things were in New York. Apparently, Aunt Ann and Daniel bought a new house just a two blocks away from the beach, but the house still had the view of the beach in some windows.

Once we'd finally arrived, I stared in awe. The house was beautiful. It was like every other house in this neighbourhood, huge. It was almost a mansion, but it wasn't. It was a light brown house, with the gates black, I nice big lawn, in the middle of the driveway, there held a nice fountain. I guess, I expected this. My dad's side of the family is really well off. Meaning, we're rich. The house was the corner house so it was nice.

"Like it?" Daniel asked, he chuckled when he saw my face.

"It's gorgeous!" He shook his head laughing as I followed my aunt and him into the house.

They had explained everything to me, where things were, what room was located, where my room was. They showed me my room and I immediately fell in love. It was my dream room. All white, brown hardwood floors, a balcony with a view of the ocean, white curtains, a huge bed. The decor was white too.

"How'd you..." I couldn't even finish my sentence, I walked into my bathroom and it was all white as well.

"You're mother told me how you've always wanted a room like this, so I got Daniel to work his butt to fix this up for you." I smiled at her,

"Yeah kid, you better love it. I worked every single day for it." he grumbled, I laughed.

"I love it. Thank you" they nodded,

"Well, you better get some rest, we'll be downstairs," I nodded and Daniel wrapped his arms around my aunt leading her out

I took a shower and decided that I would take a walk to the beach. I was staring myself in the full length mirror in my bathroom. I decided to wear my light blue jean shorts, with my white loose tank top, underneath my neon pink bikini. I decided on white flip flops. My brown hair was almost blonde. In the winter time, it would be dark, but in the summer time, you could see streaks of blonde. I'd gotten that from my parents since my dad had brown hair and my mom had blonde. My eyes were hazel; I'd gotten that from my mom, and stood at a 5'4 height. My dad's side was a tall family.

My hair reached down to my waist, and I loved it. Right now, it was nice and wavy so I decided to just leave it. I'd put on some mascara and pink lip gloss. I had natural dark eye lashes, so it made my eyes look like I'd been wearing eyeliner. With one final glance, I was happy with how I looked and grabbed my phone.

Aunt Ann had gotten me a new sim for my phone to use in California. My dad had just gotten me my iPhone 4S for my birthday, so she decided it would be easier to just give me a sim.

"Aunt Ann?" I called out, I didn't know where they would be, but since they didn't reply, I decided to leave them a note. With that being done, I walked out and immediately ran into Daniel.

"Oh Sorry Liv, didn't see ya there. Where you going?" I nodded.

"It's okay, I was going to walk to the beach, you know, get to know this place better." I shrugged. He nodded.

"Oh! That's perfect!" Aunt Ann squealed, I frowned, and I looked behind Daniel and found my Aunt talking to some guy around my age.

He was really cute. Hell, he was hot. He was wearing khaki shorts, white fitted tee where you could see the outline of his 6 pack. He had blonde hair that looked like bed hair, but it worked perfectly for him. He had deep brown green eyes, and a perfect smile. Not to mention that was really tall, an inch shorter than Daniel.

"You can take my niece Olivia to the beach; she's new here, so she doesn't really know anyone." I frowned, what the hell is my aunt up to?

"That's fine Aunt Ann, I ca-"but I was cut off.

"No, that's perfectly fine with me; I'd love to show her around." Oh my god, his voice was so beautiful; it was nice and deep, but not too deep. "I'm Aiden by the way." He held out his hand for me to shake. "Aiden Montgomery"

I shook my hand with his, my hand smaller than his. "Olivia Jacobs." He smiled at me, before letting go.

"Well, you kids go on, have fun Liv!" Aunt Ann exclaimed, I nodded smiling at her, before following Aiden out.

"You don't really have to show me around, I'll be fine by myself." I spoke; breaking the awkward silence.

He shrugged, "its cool. I mean Daniel and Ann are pretty close friends of my parents. Plus, I was heading off to the beach to meet a few friends of mine, plus, I know how it's like to be new here. Trust me, with all the people its kind of intimidating."

"Yeah, but still, it's not right, you don't have to."

He just shrugged. We turned a corner into another street and I could already hear the waves and the people at the beach.

"Where are you from?" he suddenly asked.

"Oh, uh New York." he whistled,

"What part?"

I looked down, blushing. "Manhattan" I didn't like telling people that I lived on the rich side of New York, only because they'd judge me.

"That's pretty cool. I went there last year for winter holidays."

"Really? Did you like it? I was supposed to spend half my summer there... but I'm here now." I shrugged. It didn't really bother me much that I couldn't spend my time with friends. It's kind of nice to be away from everyone, from him.

"Yeah, hey, maybe we can meet up if I go again, it'd be sick to know someone else eh? then you can be the one showing me around." he smirked and I nodded.

"How long are you here for?"

"Um, till the last week before summer ends." he nodded, we reached the beach and he lead the way to where his friends were. There was a huge bunch with girls and boys. Many of the guys were already shirtless and wet, and the girls were tanning or wet too. I could tell that whatever school Aiden went to, he was really popular.

"Hey guys, this is Olivia, she just moved here today, so be nice." Aiden said introducing me to everyone. I got a lot of hey's and hello's. Some smiled and some didn't even bother. I smiled politely and waved. Aiden left my side to sit with a few guys, so I was left standing awkwardly.

"Hey Olivia right?" a girl who had blonde hair, sat up from her tanning, I nodded and she smiled.

"Come tan with us, you're so pale!" I nodded, moving down to sit beside her. Slowly, I took off my tank top and shorts so I was just in my neon pink bikini. I heard a few whistles and I blushed. The girl handed me tanning oil so I applied that on myself before laying down to on the towel that the girl had offered to me. My back was facing the sun so I was on my stomach.

"I'm Hannah by the way." she smiled,

"Olivia" I smiled back.

"I know" and burst out laughing.

I told her that I was from New York, and she was in awe. We tanned for a bit, as the guys decided to go for a swim. I'd learnt all the girls and guys names. There was Hannah, Jade, Marie, and Nicole. Then for the guys there was Aiden, Shawn, Justin, and Noah. Apparently there were more people but these were the closest friends to Aiden.

The sun was setting down and I was just in my shorts. My tank top had gotten wet because of Justin, he thought it was funny to throw my shirt in the water so I can go swimming, but Hannah slapped him making him go swim for it. We all had made a bonfire and were just having fun.

"So Olivia" I turned to my right and noticed that Noah was sitting beside me, he wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me closer. I frowned," I was wondering...if you'd like to go to..." I was getting uncomfortable now. Sure I'd had many boyfriends, but I didn't even know him!

"Cut it out man!" Aiden yelled, I thanked him silently as Aiden slapped the back of Noah's head before he grabbed himself a drink. Noah chuckled shaking his head.

"Chill man, I was just playing with her, no need to get jealous."

Aiden rolled his eyes. "I'm not jealous idiot." he glared at Noah before going back to talking to Justin and Don. Shawn was wrapped with Jade. I found out that they were dating, and it was really cute.

Finally, we were going back. Aiden promised to walk me back since I didn't know the way and I learned that he was my neighbour.

"Thanks for today, it was really fun." I smiled a bit at him, he smiled, shrugging.

"It's all good; they all seem to like you. Anyways, you should hang out with us more, they'd all love it. Especially Noah" He smirked winking. I shuddered.

"Um, not for Noah, that guy kind of creeps me out." he laughed lightly.

"Yeah, Noah's a bit of a player, but he's nice." I nodded.

We walked in silence but it was good silence. We finally reached my house, and he walked me to my door.

"Well, it was nice meeting you Olivia, I'll see you tomorrow? If we're doing something I'll come here and let you know" I nodded and he ruffled my hair as I glared at him. He just chuckled before crossing the street and walking into his house. I smiled as he waved before he walked in.

Yep, I was definitely going to love it here.

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