I was browsing through some fics, and what bothered me was that there was hardly any memes. Meme as in the ones you see on Deviantart, where your given questions and/or situations about your character(s) and you answer them. So I figured I'd start posting some on here.

This one is an Interview, so please answer in 1st person (as your character!). If you use this, please tell me, cause I'm interested to see what you got!

Interview Meme

1. First of all, what's your name?

2. Do you have any special abilities?

3. What type of girl/guy would you date? If you're already dating, what are they like?

4. What's your biggest regret?

5. Do you have a deep dark secret? If so, what is it?

6. What is your relationship like with your best friend?

7. What could you not do to save your life?

8. Let's say someone confesses to you, but you don't feel the same. How would you turn them down?

9. What if your archenemy suddenly switched sides and joined your cause (whatever it is), how would you react?

10. Okay, last question. What is the creepiest thing you've seen so far in your strange life?

Now get 2 other people to do this meme!