This one is a Situation Meme, so do your best! Please tell me if you use this!

First of all, Choose 10 Characters.


A) 1 and 5 are in line for some ice cream. They see 6 doing something strange. What is 6 doing? And how do 1 & 5 react?

B) 2 is hosting a barbecue, and everyone but 10 is not invited. Why? And what does 10 do?

C) 8 confesses to 3. How does it go?

D) 4 has found 7's diary, and decides to resort to blackmail. What does 4 want, and what does 7 do?

E) 9 is caught stealing something. What are they stealing? And what happens when they're caught?

F) Someone has invited everyone to a haunted mansion. Who invited them? And what happens in the mansion?

G) Okay, last one. Everyone is in the same class (if they're not in school, well, now they are.), and chaos probably ensues. What happens to the teacher?

H) Sorry, I lied. This is the last one. 6, 10, 9, and 1 are suddenly arrested, and they don't know why. What is their first reaction?

Now get 2 other people to do this meme!