Hello, people! It's Maddie Beaver. I will be telling you more all about my preteen mother life with my 3 year old son Levi! Now I told you about what we do on the weekdays. Now this is what we do on the weekends! You're gonna love it, I'm telling you...you will! :D

9:25 AM. Levi and I wake up to our alarm clock. We lay in bed for an hour, giggling with each other. When we get up, we get dressed. I usually put something on that makes me look cute (cute, cute) and pretty. Levi just wears whatever he wants to wear.

10:00 AM I brush Levi's hair. We brush our teeth. I do my hair up in a pretty way and start the day. I take Levi outside for a walk. We walk around the neighborhood. When we go back, we eat breakfast...like pickle sandwiches. And avocado sandwiches.

10:30 AM I do some homework that I didn't finish on Friday while Levi watches TV. When I finish I play some music and Levi and I dance to it. Music really makes people happy, you know? Especially 60's rock. John Lennon, walking down the street, John Lennon, the kind I like to meet, John Lennon...lol. Listen to Roy Orbison's Oh, Pretty Woman and replace pretty woman with John Lennon. Hahaha.

11:00 AM Levi, me and my dad plan what we will do today. It could be go to the park, or go to the amusement park, or have a picnic, or just stay home (which is NEVER an option! We always go somewhere!)

11:30 AM We have lunch. A lot of steamed vegetables, and some other stuff. We have something different every day, but always steamed vegetables. Why does my dad always tell me to cook steamed vegetables for lunch? Isn't that like a dinner food or something?

12:00 PM to 6:00 PM We spend the whole day at wherever we chose to go. It is always fun, and Levi loves it.

6:30 PM My dad, or me, makes dinner. I usually give Levi fruit, and whatever my dad cooks. Then we play. Levi loves to play with his mom, which is...me! And I love to play with my son Levi.

7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. I give Levi a bath. A few days ago I went to the store and bought heaps of bath toy for him, he loves them!

9:00 PM to 11:00 PM Levi and I play and we have fun.

11:00 PM We get ready for bed. I brush Levi's hair. We brush our teeth. I take my hair down and leave it long and loose. Levi gets in bed with me. We turn the light off.

11:30 PM We are fast asleep.

Levi is a great little boy. I love him, he loves me. I don't think there is any words to express the love I feel for him.

For those of you who say I have no siblings, they are not fictional. My caregiver is the only mother I know, and my siblings are siblings in all but blood. For those of you who ask me why I call them my brother/sisters/nieces is because that is how they consider me! And my niece Johanna is a great baby. The End

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