Because It Is




Eyes blue as the ocean

Sweeping over us in icy waves

We fight

But we want the pain


Our only weapon is hope

As we battle for a lost cause

But the ending is always the same

With the grass stained with blood


We enjoy hatred

Pleasure is weal

Do it all over again

Because the pain is so sweet


Craving it

Can't feel anything else

Scream out to no one

When you know there isn't help


Love is harmless

Anger uncontrollable

Sorrow is empty

But pain is everything and more


Swear to God

But God isn't here

Enjoy others' screams

And look forward to fear


It's been the same

Different every day

Hurting each other

That's how we play


Begging for pain

Joy is torture

Marks are a good thing

In this weird world


Death will be the end

But it was also the start

Everyone walks around

With un-beating hearts


Why do we still care

Why did we fight

Happy endings

Just aren't right


And each night

We cry to the stars

Ask why it's so difficult

When it's not that hard


Painful days and nights

That's the way it is

Sounds pretty crazy

Because it is