Angel P.O.V.

I'm supposed to be dead. The people who were trying to kill me didn't do a very good job. I remember being picked up off the side of a road by a kind looking woman and a tall, strange man. Well, let's just say their looks didn't match their personality.

I think I was six when the beatings when the abuse started. I didn't get fed as much, was locked up in my room most of the time, and never got any love of any kind. Then when I was 8, I started getting hit for not doing my homework, or not doing the chores, or not being on time when being called.

When I was 12 was when my nightmares came to life. I started getting raped by my 'supposed' dad. It was so sick. I ran away after that first time. I hitched a ride with a stranger and rode to a city nearby. So that's how I came to be where I am now. In an alley with only the thin sweater dress and thin tights and boots on in November.

I started walking towards the little diner across the street and sat down at an empty table. The waitress came over and I told her I just wanted a cup of coffee; sugar, and creamer. I know: a twelve year old, drinking coffee, Ridiculous! But I've been drinking coffee for 4 years. The waitress came back and I drank my cup of coffee in silence when questions flew through my mind.

Where will I live? How will I survive? Where can I make money? No body would hire me unless I worked as a wai... My thoughts stopped in place and my eye caught the waitress' and she walked back over and asked if I needed anything. I asked her if she had any job openings. She said she did but she said I looked young. I told her I was 16 but was really short for my age. She believed it. She came back over with an application.

"I want you to fill out this application and then we'll see if you qualify." She told me. But then she noticed someone else had walked in and was waited to be seated. She told me something else.

" Never mind, I want you to seat those people and take their order and I'll make it. If you get a tip, you're hired and you'll keep the tip. But if you don't and they leave after saying something negative about you, you don't get hired. Got it?" I nodded and got to work. I'm not going to bore you with the waitress business, so I'll summarize it for you. I got hired and got a $50 tip. She asked me if I had somewhere to stay because when we closed the shop, I got a worried expression on my face. I shook my head no and she invited me to stay at her place until I got a place to stay. I thanked her so much.

It's been three weeks and my schedule was: Wake up, get dressed, go to work, eat, go to work, eat, go home, go to bed. On my way home, I was hit in the head and handcuffed, gagged, and tied up then thrown into the back of a van.

When we got to where ever this place was, I was untied then they proceeded to drag me into the building. They then took me into a room where a boy with dark hair and dark eyes was shivering. When he saw me, he got shocked then passes out on the floor. What was that about? I thought. They [I don't know who 'they' are so let's call them They] threw me into the room with the unconscious boy. I thought, What else could happen to me? Where am I?...