Credit goes to ChibiJinchuuriki who's story Maelstrom inspired me to write this.

I shivered as I stepped closer to the edge. The wind tugged at my hair, trying to pull the strands out of my head. I breathed in the cold air and looked out over the ocean, the salt forming a thin layer on my lips.

Everything seemed so insignificant now. The world laid beneath me, I had nothing to do with it. The horizon was endless, just like my thoughts. The things I had just run from seemed to shrink into the distance, smaller than the grains of sand on the shore far below me. I could not tell the grains apart from up here, as I could not tell which problem was more important than another.

My hands clenched into fists, remembering the insults. I forced all the anger into my hands, away from my mind. Nothing was allowed to cloud my mind right now. I needed to concentrate.

I looked up at the deep blue sky. Give me wings. My whisper was lost in the sound of the wind, but I did not lose my hope. Not yet. Give me wings, I whispered again.

The wind was still trying to pull strands of hair out of my head, but I did not longer notice. I closed my eyes and clenched my fists harder. Give me wings, give me wings, give me wings.

I felt a force building up inside me, starting in my chest. A sudden warmth was spreading through my veins, trying to reach my legs, my mind, my arms. I did not try to stop it. A tingle made my fingers twitch and my arms itch.

Right then, right there, I felt feathers forming beneath my skin. Growing bigger and bigger, they eventually broke through my skin, turning my arms into wings.

The wind did not feel cold now. The force of the nature around me did not overwhelm me anymore as I had become part of it.

Slowly, I opened my eyes. As they adjusted to the light, the feathers disappeared. But my arms still felt like wings.

I stepped forward, to the edge of the cliff. Then I spread my wings and took flight.

(December 2012)