Uhm hi. So, um...this is a story I have been thinking of for over a year now, and I just...I didn't think I was good enough to write it. It seemed too complicated and hard, but I loved the idea. So I toyed with it on and off for a long time, and then got this out today, finally. I am not sure if this will just be a series of drabbles and one-shots, or an actual story, or if I will even add more because I don't know how people will take it...but I do hope it will be okay! Please, please, PLEASE let me know, okay? I'm really nervous about this one...


Left Turn of Fate

The Entities

Warnings: If story continues, it will contain slash, violent content, foul language, death, angst, and possible other things. Rated T for now but it may go up. If this is not your glass of pineapple juice, I suggest you drink something else.

Side note: Right now this is all there is...should it be just a series of drabbles/short stories, or an actual story? Please let me know.

The first time Ire 'saw' him, they were nothing more than entities, there but yet not there at all. Spirits in the wind, fragmented bits of reality and nothing more. Words were not spoken, but words were not needed. Words did not even exist back then. The two swarms of air collided and they knew, then, who they were and what they stood for. For Ire, to be next and within someone else – in the nicest way possible, as they were nothing more than air – was excuse enough to be angry, but he did not slide away. Instead it became a dance – one would shift and disappear on a gust of wind, and the other would follow in chase.

Just two entities having fun, and nothing more. It was not complicated for complicated things did not exist. Centuries after the Earth's creation, the two entities collided in a wave of companionship, of understanding and loneliness. No animals existed, only bacteria, although the cells were dividing and taking on life. Soon dinosaurs would form and roam the land, and the entities would be there, watching, waiting.

Waiting for what, Ire did not know but he only knew he was not needed yet. He did not matter, but lay in wait instead. Meanwhile, the other entity, whose name he did not know because words had not yet been created and names were not needed, rose and fell and came and went.

Centuries passed, and the two did not cross paths. In the lonely search, Ire did come across other entities like him, but he knew, deep down, they were not the one he was looking for – none of them were the first entity he came into contact with. And as far as he knew, none of them even knew of the other entity. They were all new to each other, discovering life, brought into creation before they were truly needed. Answers were not given and no questions were asked.

The only one who seemed to have a place in this world was one entity. Ire came across him again centuries later, when a meteor collided with the world. At the center of the destruction and ruins of the dinosaurs, that is where Ire saw him – a mass of purple and red waves, smoke in the air, and in that moment he knew.

That entity was the cause of this, of all the destruction and chaos, the ruins of what once had been but would be no more.

And then the moment passed, and they were just two entities again, two souls reunited after so long apart, and they chased each other until they lost each other again.

They remained entities for a long time – centuries, decades, years. When it changed, Ire didn't know, but when he next came across his chaotic friend, it was like they were meeting for the first time.

They took on a new shape, a new form – no longer particles of air, but living breathing entities. Humans, so they were dubbed. The hairless apes Ire had watched transform through the years. He'd watched as they changed from ape to man, and felt the wonder around him.

And then he had one of their forms, and so did his friend.

A booming voice echoed through what became his brain, and suddenly he knew.

"I am Ire, embodiment of anger," were the first words he spoke. They were heavy on a tongue held dry in his newly formed mouth. His once vastly great vision shriveled into blurry eyesight from two holes in his face, and as what he once was part of, little waves of air, caressed his skin, he for the first time had the ability to feel.

And to his left, another figure formed from the particles, and there stood a face which should not have been familiar, but Ire felt as though he would recognize it anywhere. After all, they had collided several times, only to vanish again later.

And then the other entity spoke for the first time as well. "I am Chaos, embodiment of turmoil."

And then their eyes met – angry red connecting with chaotic amethyst – and they knew.

They found each other again, and they had a part to play. Finally, at long last, Ire had a purpose. He was no longer gliding by unnoticed and unwanted. Instead, he now knew what his job was, and so the moment passed and the newly named Chaos disappeared in gust of purple-red waves of air, and he was alone again.

For years, he fulfilled his purpose in solitude. When the occasion rose, he felt the urge to travel, and he came across those he needed to find. In their hearts, he instilled anger and with it, the desire for revenge, action or inaction, and progress was made.

Over the years, he found the others – Hope, Amity, Rapture, Enmity, Serenity, Fate, Misery and Harmony. They, too, had newly formed bodies and they, too, had a purpose in this world which was centuries in the making.

Chaos struck a few more times, and Ire witnessed it, fueling it somewhat. Where Chaos resided, disaster struck and with it, he was needed to create the anger, the need to do something or in turn retaliate. Misery followed as well, instilling sadness and despair where he went. A few times, Ire did try to make contact with the sullen form, but Misery did not want company. In turn, Ire stopped trying, feeling a burning in his newfound heart that he did not like, nor did he understand but he could remember instilling it in others – the anger.

He came across Fate a few times, but not many. This embodiment was hard to find and rare to see, only appearing where he was needed. Soon Ire did learn of Fate's purpose, the need for him. Chaos could not strike at some points unless Fate tipped it his way. Other times, Chaos would not be needed and Harmony, the embodiment of order, rose triumphant.

It became a game.

Empires rose and fell. Battles were won and lost. Disaster struck and order rose from the ashes, a dance which became addictive. It became one of the only times they saw each other, and Ire often found himself feeling what he gave others, when he did not see them for a long time.

Other parts of the world were discovered, and with it, the need for the entities. Lands were overtaken, kingdoms overthrown, and at the center of each battle stood Chaos, standing among the ruins of what once was, but would never be again.

Amity did help with some of the battles. She instilled within people forbidden love, as she was instructed. She did her job and she did it well, and when it ended in disaster, inevitably Ire and Chaos were called to fulfill their purpose. Not only did she instill love, but also friendship, and sometimes Ire could feel her magic working on him. Sometimes, things did not seem as dull, he did not feel as angry, and even being alone felt okay, because he knew, on some level, all he had to do was look.

All he had to do was look, and they were there – hidden, out of sight, but there all the same. Because they were needed. The world hung within their grasp, and Fate tipped it one way or another, into Chaos and turmoil, or Harmony and order. There was no bitterness, nor anger or hatred between them, because they were what they were.

They were entities which were needed. Without one, the others would not be able to exist. Vital to humanity in general, they spent eons preparing for this, their destinies and purposes.

In physical form or hidden in the shadows, they watched and waited. Wars broke out across the world. Many lives were lost and Chaos rose. Hope shined bright for a while before she dimmed, but then returned when Fate tipped the world in Harmony's direction. The rise and fall was essential – without it, no one would feel anything.

Ire knew the part he played, and the parts the others played.

He knew it was his job to side with Chaos, and tip things in his direction, just as it was Hope's job to stick by Harmony. Misery stood frozen between the two sides, and Enmity and Amity could go either way. Serenity was seldom seen, but as the embodiment of peace, it did not seem she was needed yet.

So she watched. Ire found her lurking in the shadows, watching the others, waiting for her moment of glory, but it never came.

Chaos struck and then fell into the shadows, and when he did, Fate handed things to Harmony. Once her time was through, Chaos was needed again, and the cycle kept going. Serenity was not needed, because peace was not yet there.

Her time was not now. However, she did have a job in small amounts. When a mother gazed down at her newborn child, Serenity joined with Amity, and the quiet love, the peaceful bond between mother and child, was born. At certain times, Serenity did play a part – such as the armistice of war – but she did not stay for long.

And so she drifted, and Ire tried to stay away from her. He did not wish to make her bitter with his anger, for he did feel the stirrings of his power within her, despite the fact the two had never been in contact.

As it was, years came and went, and he remained a wanderer. Through the years, he became less needed, as did the others. Humanity took things into their own hands, and could feel the anger, hatred, chaos and love for themselves. The entities instilled what they could in the humans, and so the humans adapted and accepted the emotions, the occurrences, as part of themselves.

Unneeded, Ire saw less and less of the other entities.

But that did not stop him from searching. Although the pull, the call to action, came less and less, he did not stop looking for that one entity he collided with all those centuries ago, back when words were not needed, and actions reigned supreme.

One day, he would catch his elusive friend, and maybe then, that hot feeling burning within him would disperse, and he could finally feel Rapture's sweet release of happiness.

And there is that. Right now it is complete, but I may add more if you want. This is supposed to have a slash pairing at some point, or it might not have any pairings at all. Please let me know, okay? Thanks for reading and please review!