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Chaos did not want to do this. He wanted no part of this, but the pull was clear and he found he did not have the strength to deny it. The pull was addicting – the surge of energy, the need to do something, the feeling of being needed…it was all tempting, and while a part of Chaos struggled to get him to turn and leave, he could not. His body remained frozen where it was, at the bottom of the two tall buildings. He gazed up at them, could remember when they were built, and what they represented to this city.

He did not want to be the cause of this destruction, but the pull was clear and he could not deny it – he never could.

He saw Fate in the distance, not smiling or frowning, just watching him. Chaos was forgiven already, and he hadn't started yet. He was a magnet for what was already coming, and could sway things the way they needed to go, and Fate knew that.

It was half the reason why he wanted Chaos at certain sites. Fate did not have the power to control things, but he could sway them. He knew more than the others did about anything, as the One always talked to him. Meanwhile, Chaos had not heard from the One since he got his human form, when he learned his name and learned of his purpose. The One was also the cause of the pull, the need to be somewhere at a certain point in time.

Fate nodded at him, and then vanished. No one noticed, because right now there was nothing special about this place. Just a normal workday, like any other day, except Chaos knew better. With a heavy sigh, he placed his hand on the side of the first building.

A few minutes later, there was a crash up high. Screams carried out around him, but no one noticed him. Instead they gazed up at the destruction, and he could not help but follow their gaze. A hole now stood in the side of the building, aglow with flames and dark smoke.

The pull came again, and he knew it was not over yet.

He walked over and put his hand on the second building. A few minutes later, he forced himself to watch as a plane collided with that building as well. Grief and fear mingled with those on the ground, and he caught sight of people jumping from the windows of the two buildings.

The pull remained, but he could not find out where he needed to go next. The buildings were taken care of – his job was done.

Except it wasn't.

It came again, the pull – tight in his chest, constricting his lungs, and he knew it was bad. He knew it was horrible, but he had to do it anyway. This felt different than Hiroshima, yet similar at the same time.

He sank to his knees between the two buildings, and touched both hands to the ground. And when the ground shook and the buildings groaned, he did not move. He coughed lightly through the thick, heavy smoke, but that would not deter him. This had to happen, and it was job to make it happen.

Why it had to happen, he did not know. Perhaps only Fate could answer that.

The buildings fell around him, metal bending, giving way, groaning as the buildings collapsed in on themselves. He heard the horrified screams, knew it was wrong, but he found himself smiling. The adrenaline which rushed through him was empowering, and the pull had been fulfilled. There was never a happier moment than when the pull released him from its hold, and he knew he did his job. He was needed in that moment, but the moment passed and he did a good job.

Even if, to others, it was a horrible job, he knew he was right.

"Chaos…what did you do?" came a whispered voice, and Chaos spun to find Ire watching him, eyes dark with anger. He wasn't really surprised – they each had a part of the world they enjoyed more than the rest, and for Ire, it was New York City. Now he stared at the ruins. "You killed all these people…"

Chaos frowned. "I was doing my job."

"You killed so many…"

"It was my job."

Ire stared at him. "The planes. The…there's so much anger, Chaos." His eyes flashed a darker red before they returned to their usual bright hue. "And it's all pointed at you."

"I did my job," Chaos said, because what else could he say?

"They're all dead. In my town. Why?"

"I did my job!"

The two glared at each other for a long moment, before Ire growled and turned away. He disappeared in a red mist and flew off into the sky without another word. Chaos stared after him.

Never before had Ire acted like that when they did their jobs. Chaos caused destruction and death – it was his purpose! It was not like he went looking for it; the pull always managed to find him and he could not deny it. He knew Ire couldn't either.

Either he was suddenly able to feel, or Ire's anger rubbed off on him, because suddenly he felt so pissed.

"I did my job," he said to himself. "Never said I was good."

He looked at the destruction around him – not just the buildings, but the distraught onlookers, and the families of those left in the buildings when they fell, and the ones who jumped.

"Don't blame yourself," came a quiet, barely recognizable voice.

Chaos turned to find Misery watching him, stepping through the smoke. Chaos looked over the entity forever trapped as a teenager and sighed.

"Not you too," he murmured, turning away again. "I just did my job."

"I know you did," Misery said, and suddenly he was right next to Chaos. Chaos peered at him, barely moving his head. "And I'm sure there is a reason it had to happen. There are a lot of sad people out there right now, though…."

"I know. Go ahead – I know you have work to do." He scrubbed a hand over his face and then frowned when he found pale blue eyes watching him. "What?"

"Nothing," Misery said with a weak smile. "Just don't see you too much."

"Yeah, well…I have a nasty habit of destroying everything I touch, so…"

Misery shook his head, blue bangs swishing in front of his eyes. "If Ire can't see it, then maybe it's for the best."

"See what?"

"Nothing, Chaos." A pause. "You should come out more."

And then the embodiment of sadness was gone, and Chaos was alone.

The date was September 11th, 2001. Chaos stood alone in the rubble of what once was but would never be again.

Except this time, he thought he might actually feel alone.

For years, Chaos made it his job to stay away from Ire. He did not wish to face the anger. He knew New York was Ire's, as the barren wasteland was his. To cause such destruction in Ire's home, without consulting the entity first, was not something to be taken lightly. Chaos would not be surprised if the embodiment of anger was influenced by Enmity, and now hated him.

So he stayed away from Ire. The two had not spoken since that fateful day. The years passed quickly, as they often did for an entity. For the most part, Chaos stayed in his wasteland, in the run-down house he called home. No animals could survive here, and no humans tried to come here.

Animals might survive here if they could make it here, Chaos thought. But it was over a vast ocean and frozen waters.

He liked the solitude anyway.

He felt small pulls from time to time, knew it was Hope crying, though he was not sure why that would make him have the urge to do anything. Serenity, to his knowledge, had not been seen in decades. She vanished, and no matter how hard anyone looked, she could not be found.

Chaos wondered how she did it, and if he could do the same. He was not needed except to cause panic and disorder, and the world could really do without that, right? If she vanished, could she still feel the pull? If Chaos could ignore the pull, he would. But he could not, so it was a moot point.

Instead, he stayed in his wasteland and barely noticed the passing time. He did not change into his amorphous form and fly; he did not wander around through the wasteland, or into the frozen waters.

He sat in the same position for a long time. Time passed but he was nearly unaware of it.

After a decade, he decided it was long enough. If anyone had been looking for him, they weren't now. He could fly around as much as he wanted, and be free. No one would come near him, and he would not go near anyone else. Solitude was a lifestyle he had to life with, because otherwise, he might cause unneeded turmoil and destruction.

And he took flight as he had not done in years

I'm bad but that's okay. I was never good anyway.

What he did not expect on this flight, however, was to collide with another entity. Blue mixed with his own purple, and though it had been a while since he'd come into contact with anyone, he remembered the feeling. He remembered how it felt to collide for the first time, all those eons ago.

And then it was chase all over again, but with a new partner. And when they landed, for the first time in a long time, he saw Misery smile.

"I told you to come out more," Misery murmured quietly, "but instead you hid for a decade."

"Wasn't hiding," Chaos said. "Just wasn't needed."

"Yeah…me neither."

The two stood there for a long moment, quiet but unmoving.

"What have I missed?" Chaos asked.

"Not too much," Misery told him. "The USA has a black president now."


Misery nodded. "There's a war."

"Oh." Usually he was needed for wars, but apparently not.

"It started over your last job."

Chaos blinked. "Oh."

His destruction resulted in war. That was not so surprising, and it explained why he had not been needed directly.

"A lot of people are angry," Misery told him, expression sullen, but that was nothing new.

"Ire," Chaos guessed.

Misery nodded. "He's been pretty angry since you left. Angrier every day."

Chaos shrugged. "I did my job."

"I know. He knows too."

Misery then looked skyward, and then back at Chaos.

"I am needed," he said quietly. "But don't hide away this time."

Chaos paused. "I wasn't hiding…but okay. We can meet here at some point."

He looked at where they were, some jungle in South America. Misery nodded and the two stood there for a long moment, just looking at each other, before Misery turned and flew away.

A moment later, Chaos did the same.

Three years passed. At least twice a year – usually more – Chaos and Misery met up. Misery's 'home' was in Africa, though Chaos had never been to it. Chaos told Misery his place was a wasteland, but never told him where, or showed it to him.

Instead they continued to meet in the secluded jungle as they first had. For years it was this way, and Chaos found himself falling into routine, a dance which was familiar yet foreign. Where he once chased Ire and was chased by him, he found companionship in Misery.

Misery did, after all, love company.

The year was 2014, and the world was calm. Chaos's destructive hand was not needed, and Serenity never appeared so there was no peace. Mother's seemed to find it harder and harder to love their child at first sight, though Amity worked hard at making them. There was no moment of peace; Serenity did not exist in this time frame. Wherever she was, the other entities waited for her to return.

Harmony worked in overtime and often found herself exhausted. None of the entities had ever felt exhaustion before, so it was foreign to them. Where once they stayed awake for years, now Harmony slept. Chaos waited for her turn to be done and he could cause his destruction. Perhaps then he, too, would sleep.

He could sleep, but did not need to. When he managed to still his body and mind long enough to drift into a restless slumber, he did not dream. It was merely a period of time where he remembered nothing. He never woke rested because he'd always been rested.

The humans slept, and they dreamed. They were content in their sleep, even peaceful, which left Chaos wondering if Serenity really was gone, or just hiding. The humans slept, and so did the animals. When they woke, they woke refreshed and energized.

Chaos did not.

Hope slept, but she was a kid in body and mind. It did not matter that she was nearly as old as the earth itself. Misery, to Chaos's knowledge, didn't sleep even though he was forever trapped as a teenager in body and mind, despite the fact he was as old as Hope and nearly as old as Chaos.

To his knowledge, he was the oldest of them all. He was created first, and he could remember those days, back when the earth was shifting, the lands forming, and he was nothing but a breath of air in the sky. Life came slowly, and he witnessed it all, from the disasters to the rise of the dinosaurs, and finally their demise.

And now this, centuries later.

Life was a long time when one had an endless supply of it.

"There you are," said a familiar voice, but it was not the person he came to see.

He turned to find not Misery, but Ire. The embodiment of anger glared at him, eyes darker than usual, and Chaos frowned.

"Here I am," he said.

Ire walked forward. The anger dimmed but he kept glaring. "You disappeared again."

"I was not-"

"Needed, yeah, I know." Ire scowled.

"What are you doing here?" Chaos asked, because in the past fifteen years since that day, he hadn't seen the entity anywhere. He'd gone out of his way to make sure the two did not cross paths.

Ire stepped toward him and stopped in front of him. "I've been looking for you for a decade."

"A decade?"

Ire nodded.

"But New York…"

"You did your job," Ire sighed. "It's not like you could control it. You had a job to do and you did it, and I know you had to."

Chaos blinked at him. "I killed people."

"So have I," Ire said. "A lot of people, with my anger. Their anger."

Chaos nodded. Everyone, at some point, killed people. Even Hope and Harmony.

"Any word on Serenity?" Chaos asked.

"No word," Ire said with a scowl, "and that's not why I'm here."

"Oh. Then why?"

Now Ire rolled his eyes. "Because you're my friend."

"Am I?"

Did entities have friends? The term held meaning somewhere, but Chaos suddenly wasn't so sure. Friendship was human, and they were not human.

Now Ire frowned. "Aren't we?"

"Humans have friends – we are not human," Chaos told him.

"Then what are we?"


"No – I mean, if we are not friends, then what are we?"

Chaos frowned and shook his head. "I don't know. I'm turmoil, you're anger."

Ire snapped his mouth shut with a brief, stiff nod. Nothing was spoken for a long moment.

"You know, Chaos, I-" Ire started.

"There you are," someone broke in, and Chaos turned to find Misery approaching them. The embodiment of sorrow frowned at Ire.

"Misery, hello," Ire said.

"Hello," Misery greeted in return, before looking at Chaos. "Are you ready?"

Chaos nodded.

"Ready?" Ire asked. "For what?"

"To fly," Chaos told him with a shrug. "It's kind of what we do."


Chaos nodded again.

"All this time…?"

Misery frowned. "Am I interrupting something?"

"No," Chaos said. "We were just talking, that's all. I'm ready."

Misery nodded and took to the sky. Chaos smiled briefly at Ire before he followed, leaving the entity on the ground, alone.

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