So this is just a short story I wrote for one of my classes. please R&R!

The Boy on The Sidewalk

He smiled like no one ever talked to him; he laughed like no one told him a joke. I saw him on my walks throughout town, a happy joyful little soul and yet he lived here, his shelter, beneath the cover of a rubbish bin.

He seemed like he'd never been harmed, despite the scrapes on his knees,

He seemed like he loved his home, although he lived among the trees.

And when I stretched my hand out to him, he looked up and cried. Cried, and for the first time I saw him fall weak, saw him cry, cry tears of joy. He looked up, longily, and he accepted. He stood up, a small boy, maybe seven or eight, and he smiled, a true genuine smile, and for the first time he had someone to share his happiness with.