Wednesday came quickly, and Abe was still struggling with the cut on his arm. It didn't hurt a whole lot, but the bandage was a huge pain in the ass for him.

Abe arrived in his seat like any other day, and eventually, he was joined by Hana, who gave him the smile she did every day. He didn't get that smile yesterday, and he realized just how much that meant to him.

Mr. Ivans entered the room, a rare smile on his face. "Class, I would like to recognize someone's heroic deed yesterday. Mr. Abe Rivers, who after Ms. Hana Furee, his lab partner, mixed two incorrect chemicals that looked similar to what the correct ones looked like, shielded her from the explosion of the chemicals. Show us your cut, Abe."

Abe pulled down his sleeve and revealed the bandage. "Sorry, I'm not taking that off, it's really hard to put back on."

Mr. Ivans laughed. "That's okay, Abe, we know that it was the price to pay. Believe me, if everyone had the same attitude as Abe did, we would get many good things done here at Cygnus Sky." Scattered clapping could be heard, and a couple kids whooped.

Mr. Ivans then sighed. "Alright, down to business. We are going to watch a video on the Mongols today, and tomorrow, I will give you an quiz over it. It will be a piece of cake if you pay attention." With that, he pulled down the projector and started the DVD player, which began the movie.

Hana's eyes lit up as the movie played, as the voice-over was very engaging. The video told about the Mongols, which were a group of Asiatic people who conquered a bunch of other countries.

Suddenly, a scene appeared where a Mongol soldier stabbed one of his opponents in the heart before decapitating him, and it was very bloody. Some of the students gasped, and one girl muffled a scream, but when Abe looked over to Hana, she was white as snow, and her eyes looked like saucers.

Mr. Ivans gave an impatient sigh. "I know it's violent, but we're all mature juniors, right? So please be mature about it." He sat down at the desk and continued to watch his students like vultures.

Abe was about to turn back to the movie, but Abe heard a sudden rustle. Abe turned over to Hana just in time to see her start to fall over to the side. He managed to catch her head before it hit the ground, and the other students gasped.

Mr. Ivans turned on the light and paused the DVD quickly. "What happened?! Is she okay?"

Abe shrugged. "I think she fainted from that one scene with the blood in it. I'll take her down to the office."

Mr. Ivan's smiled and crossed his arms. "Okay, big man. You give Ms. Furee a much-needed hand."

Abe then did what the class didn't expect at all. He picked her up, and held her like she was his bride on their wedding day, and began to carry her out of the room. Several of the kids in the room gave mixed responses, gasps, whispers, wolf-whistles, and cries of encouragement as he carried her out the door.

He turned to the right and began to head to the nurse to drop her off there. She was very light, something he expected of her, as she was pretty short. He smiled at her serene face, as if it were a newly-born baby's.

"She's so beautiful…" He thought as he moved a stray strand of her night-sky-black hair out of her face. She smiled in her sleep.

"Abe…" She whimpered as she giggled lightly.

Abe had to keep his thoughts straight as he carried her, as there was no way in hell he'd think nasty thoughts about her, even though he wanted to so much. "I'm not a pervert!"

He turned a corner, and his grip suddenly loosened, and her rear happened to brush against his knee while he was pulling her back up. He heard a light crinkle as he pulled her back into his arms.

"What was that?" Abe thought as the nurses' office came in sight. "It's probably something all girls wear. Something I don't need to know about."

He entered the nurses' office with the push of the door, and Ms. Gore was ready to assist him.

She instantly panicked. "Oh, Lordy, what happened?!"

Abe chuckled as he set her down in the bed nearby. "She fainted during a video during History. The sight of blood is apparently something she can't take."

Ms. Gore sighed. "Well, then, all she needs is a little rest, and we'll give her parents a call. Thank you for bringing her here, you didn't need to do that."

Abe shrugged as he turned to walk out the door. "I wanted to. She's helped me before."

Ms. Gore giggled like a schoolgirl, even though she was fifty-five years old. "That's great, dear, just come and pick your girlfriend up in a little while!"

Abe actually tripped at the word "girlfriend", and had to catch himself on the doorjamb.

"She isn't my girlfriend, we are only friends." He growled as he left, red cheeks glowing.

Ms. Gore gave a happy sigh, looking towards Hana's sleeping form. "Even when I was your age, the boys were just as heroic. You're lucky to have him, dear…"

Hana smiled at the mention of him. "Abe…" She mumbled before falling back to a deeper sleep.

Hana slowly opened her eyes, and was confused about her surroundings. She sat up slowly, as her head hurt quite badly.

"Where am I?" She asked at no one in particular. She looked up, and was greeted by the smiling form of Ms. Gore.

"Hello, dear." She said as she handed her some pills and a paper cup full of water. "Take these, as they will help with your headache."

"What happened?" Hana asked as she downed the pills and water quickly.

"You fainted during a movie in your first period class, and Abe Rivers took the liberty of carrying you all the way here. He told me it was because you two were friends."

Hana's cheeks lit up like a christmas light show. Abe had carried her all the way here?

"Are you serious?" She said, her eyes wide open. "I-I mean, we are friends, but I didn't know he would ever do anything like this-"

She was about to continue, but Ms. Gore put a finger to her lip. "I understand, dear. I was a little girl once too, and from the look of it, you two are very smitten with one another." She put her hand on Hana's shoulder. "He cares very much about you, and even though he doesn't express himself like you or me, he would be torn to pieces if anything happened to you."

Hana placed her hand on her heart as she listened to Ms. Gore's explanation. Did Abe truly feel the same way about her?

"Thank you. What time is it?" She asked the nurse.

"Two-thirty. You were out for a while, dear, and poor Abe checked on you three times, and every time I turned him down, he left with a deep red face of disappointment."

Hana's jaw dropped. "I missed a bunch of schoolwork!"

Ms. Gore held her hand up to calm the frantic girl down. "Don't worry, I asked Abe to gather all your stuff and everything. He said he'd have it for you when you woke up. Now, why don't you sit down, have a little snack, and keep me company for thirty more minutes as school ends. Besides, I need to update your parents on your condition."

Hana calmed down, and she was handed a carton of milk, an apple, and a granola bar to eat as she talked with Ms. Gore. They quickly became friends, as they had a lot in common, mainly troubles with their emotions.

The bell rang, and Hana bowed before Ms. Gore. "Thank you very much for the food, and for watching me while I was out."

"No problem, dear. Just remember to thank the other person who really was the hero here." She said as she re-filled a bottle with pills.

Hana didn't even utter a word as she ran out of the office and to her let period classroom as fast as she could. She turned the corner, and sure enough, there was her knight Abe Rivers, guarding her backpack and books near the door.

She ran up to him, and tackled him into a hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She cried as she squeezed him.

Abe's face changed to a embarrassed red color. "I just did what any friend would do."

She bowed, face glowing also. "I guess I'll see y-you tomorrow?"

He shrugged, smiling. "Friday too, and Saturday for the game."

She grinned. "I can't wait." She took off for home, and Abe picked up his stuff as quickly as his injured arm could, and went to exit the building, all the while thanking God that he could at least be friends with her, if her destiny was not with him.