I took a my assigned seat in my first period room, History. Mr. Ivans, one of the few teachers I actually like, will most likely get everyone's attention in two minutes or so.

I put my feet on my desk, and looked at the scenery. Some girls were excitedly talking about something, and I overheard the words "nude" and "baseball" from a group boys near me. I chuckled, and put my feet down as everyone scurried to their seats, as to avoid the wrath of Mr. Ivans.

"Alright, class…" He stated, turning around to face the class. He was met with a group of blank stares, and then there's me, with my omnipresent glare. It wasn't like I was trying to be threatening, I just was.

He coughed. "I would like to introduce a new student. She came from the midwest, and I would you all to be welcoming to her."

A girl entered the room. She was about yay tall, and her pretty black hair went down her shoulders nicely. Wait…no way! She's the same girl Jacob and his losers were picking on!

She formed a quick smile, and bowed. "M-my name is Hana. It's nice to meet you all…"

Mr. Ivans smile wide. "Thank you, Hana. You may take a seat next to mister Rivers over there." He gestured over to my direction, and from the surprise of hearing my name, I fell out of my chair, landing in a stupid position.

The whole class burst into laughter, and even the new girl suppressed giggles. I sat up awkwardly, and my cheeks felt hot. I slumped back in my chair as Hana took a seat next to me, and my face began to flush again. I pinched them in an effort to stop them, but that just made me look like an idiot.

Mr. Ivans began to lecture on the ancient Chinese, and I managed to make some scattered notes. Hana, on the other hand was writing so fast that I swear her pencil was smoking. I stared for a moment, then returned to my notes. This lasted for the whole class, and for some reason, I still had the strange urge to touch her bruise.

Class ended, and the other kids began to file out of the classroom. I stood up, packed up my bags, and began to walk out. I was about to exit the room when a hand touched my shoulder.

I turned to see none other than Hana, her brownish eyes gleaming. She had a big smile on her face. I felt my body grow cold at her touch.

"Hey…" She began. Her voice was soft, like a feather against a piano key. "I never got to thank you for earlier. I was in a hurry. What's your name, hero?"

My jaw dropped at the word. Hero. I'm no hero, I barely even exist.

"Abraham…" I muttered, barely able to keep my head up.

"Abe…" She giggled. She put her hand to my cheek, forcing me to look at her.

"I wanna see your face. Sincerely, thank you…" She smiled. "I'd…like to get to know you better. Show me around?"

I began to walk out of the room, past her. I turned back to look at her surprised face.

"Let's go. We can't be late." I said, gesturing with my finger. She began to plod along happily, and I knew this day was going to be better than normal