Okay. HUGE author note here. In this chapter, I will explain Hana's disability. It may seem like I chose this disability because it's associated with more private parts of the body, but I say no. This is not pervert reading, fetish fuel, or anything like that, and I will keep it as censored and PG-rated as possible. It may appeal to some people like that, but this is what I chose, and for good reason. This condition will really give Abe a test of unconditional love, and you will find out if he prevails or not. Thank you for reading, and if this chapter turns you away from this story, then that's fine, and thank you for reading this far at least :)

Hana skipped merrily to her front door, and let herself in. She could hear her mother cooking in the kitchen, and she set her stuff down in the hallway and went to meet her dear mother in the kitchen.

"Hi sweetie!" Hana's mom said sweetly as she planted a kiss on her head. "How was your first day of new school?"

Hana sighed, sitting down at the table. "It started out really bad. These boys were really mean, and they wouldn't leave me alone…" Hana's mom tensed, debating wether or not to call the cops.

"But they were scared away by this other boy. His name is Abe, and he showed me around the school. I met his two friends, Rachel and John, and they're real nice too. Don't worry about school either, Mom, 'cause it's really easy!"

Joann Furee hugged her daughter. "I'm just glad you're okay! As for the work, I know my little Hana is the smartest girl in the world, and she's gonna do her best, right?"

Hana nodded excitedly as her mother continued to cook. "We all went to the arcade together, and I beat Abe at a game, and we had a good time!"

Joann laughed. "I'm so glad my baby girl is having a good time. I'm just so sorry we had to move 'cause of daddy's job."

Hana shrugged. "I know, but I can still talk to my old friends on the web and on the phone. Anyway, I'm gonna go change, I'll be down in a minute."

Joann turned to her daughter's retreating form. "Are you sure you don't need help, dear?"

Hana sighed, visibly annoyed with her mother. "I told you mom, I can do this on my own! I've been doing it for two years now!"

Joann turned back to the stove. "Alright, dear. Just let me know if you need any help whatsoever."

"Thanks, mom." Hana said before darting upstairs.

Now Hana was an interesting girl. She was short, and Abe had to look down at her to see her, and she had to get on her tip-toes to touch his face. She scaled the stairs with incredible speed, another unique about her. Her long black hair swished as she opened the door to her room, which still had stuff in boxes from the move. She didn't have much, but she enjoyed what she had.

Hana's playfulness quickly faded, and was replaced with mundane irritation. "Here we go again."

Hana began to strip off her clothes, dropping them to the floor. Hana never considered her body desirable, but she was proud of her modest body. She weighed forty-seven kilograms, and her C-cup breasts never gave her any unwanted trouble. But there was one thing that she was afflicted by that she didn't think anyone would understand.

She stroked the garment taped to her lower body. "I'm soaking wet…" She thought sullenly.

Poor Hana was incontinent. It was uncommon for a girl her age to be in this condition, but a sad accident a couple years ago left the poor girl confined to diapers for basically the rest of her life. Her parents were surprised how well she took it, and how independent she was about it, but the only reason her attitude was so good was so she could fool her parents into not babying her and not shattering her pride anymore.

She untaped the diaper, and it fell to the floor with a splat. She definitely was wet, and she hated to admit it. She had very little control over her waste functions, and she chose to keep that hidden. She wore dresses and long skirts every day to school and in public after the accident, which kept them well-hidden.

She laid down on the floor, grabbing a fresh diaper from the bag near her. Using two years of experience, the sixteen-year-old securely positioned and taped the diaper in place. She sat back up, and went to one of the boxes to pull out some relaxing clothes for herself. She slipped on some gym shorts, which did nothing to hide her diaper, but she really didn't care, as her parents were the only ones that knew. She then pulled a sweatshirt out and slipped it over her head. She shut off the lights and left the room, heading down stairs to get something to eat.

Her mother had already set out food, chicken legs, macaroni and cheese, and green beans.

"My favorite." She thought hungrily as she took a seat with her mother and began eating.

"Are you all good, dear?" Her mom asked quietly.

Hana nodded. "I told you I could do it, Mom. When's daddy gonna be home?"

"Around eight or so." Joann said, putting another chicken leg on her plate. The two were very similar in appearance, but Hana had gotten her nose and emerald eyes from her father, which suited the rest of her face very well. The two continued dinner talking about Hana's grades, and how they were impeccable. Hana was incredibly smart, and she had always received straight A's her whole life.

They finished, and Hana helped her mother clean up and wash dishes. Joann wasn't uncomfortable with being around her daughter because of her condition, and she enjoyed helping and loving Hana to make her the best she could be.

"I'm gonna do my history homework. Send Dad up when he get's home." Hana said as she raced upstairs, leaving Joann unable to answer.

Hana opened her history book on her desk, which was the only thing other than her bed that was put together, and began to work. The homework took about a half an hour, and it was only seven. Hana decided to take her Ipod and play some music, which ranged from smooth, soft pieces to hard rock. She finally landed on an instrumental version of the song "O come, O come Emmanuel." Between the food in her stomach and soft music, Hana quickly found herself asleep.