It has been thirty-five years since I ended Corvus's reign, and I finally got my cake. Not a day goes by that I don't remember it, the killing of the tyrant, not the cake, although the cake was splendid. I've been crowned as the queen of Sabine. I like the title, it rhymes. For the first five or so years, Pariah was really the leader. I was way too young to know how to rule over an entire nation! I was fifteen! But everyday he would teach me how to lead, how to rule. He knew that I would have to learn to do this for myself. He also said that I was a natural-born leader, so I got that going for me.

Recently he has let me take over a lot more responsibilities. He's slowly giving me the wheel. I like it. I'm scared! But I think I'm ready. The citizens seemed to like me. Well who wouldn't? After fifty years of evil tyrant, nice girl who kills him looks pretty good. Anything looks good really. They really liked me though. Pariah told me that every decision that I made on my own, concerning the nation, was only making them like me more. Even the decisions that were negative. They understood why I had chosen them and accepted them. I didn't kill people who disagreed with me, so I'm guessing they liked that. I still used a guard, the laws had to be reinforced.

After I killed Corvus, we had a big ceremony mourning Cabbit's death, as per my request. We gave him a loving memorial. He was buried in the center of the bailey. Every day I still put a new batch of flowers on his grave, I will never forget him.

The men are doing great. They've each had kids, except for Darius, but Gareth had two, so it makes up for it. Pariah, the self-absorbed one named his child after him. That's just what this world needs, two Pariahs! Gareth and Amalric both had daughters. I love them to death, they were the cutest little girls ever, it's nice having some women in the castle, they helped balance out the out-numbering guys. Every night we all have dinner together. Me eating the most of course, somethings just don't change. Jeeves is still my butler, but I'm actually paying him now. He really enjoys it, now that he's getting money. I love the guy, and I think he's starting to like me too.

I've been getting combat training with the men. Since they've had kids they have been training them to pass on their titles as the head guards, even the girls are getting trained. Emery is a dead-shot with a bow. So I've been going to their lessons to learn how to use a sword and other weapons without killing myself. I've also been keeping up my training with my power. I'm really starting to get good at it. The scope of my power has definitely increased. No better example than when the whole region was in a terrible drought and your's truly made it rain, everywhere. At once. It was awesome.

I still go down to the basketball court, as I call it now, and train my butt off every day. I've mastered each of the elements, and worked on combining them and coming up with my own techniques and new things to try. One thing I would love to learn is how to make those portals without the Lapis. Cabbit was the only one, besides Corvus, who made them before, and he died before telling anyone else how to do it. What I wouldn't give to learn how to make one so I can at least let Symb know that I am okay. I hope that she's doing well on Earth.

With each day of training I feel myself getting closer and closer with the Gensho. I've already completed my own, self-assigned mission: Killing Corvus. Now I just had to figure out what the heck my Guardian's mission was. If I knew anything it had to do with killing this Lysis-evil-thing. But I still had no clear-concise clue. I was not just gonna start genocide. I'm not a guesser, I'm gonna wait until I am absolutely sure of what I need to do.

Something weird has been going on though around here. Things have been washing up on the beach. I haven't seen them yet, but people said that they looked like crocodiles with long legs. That's mildly terrifying. All I know is that they are terrorizing Limani, killing a lot of people. They are supposedly extremely hard to kill, and more and more of them keep showing up.

While looking through Corvus's things I found a map that showed an island off the coast of Krasta, on it there was a red 'X.' Maybe that has something to do with these crazy creatures that keep attacking, I don't know. I hope I figure this crap out soon though, I can't have my people dying. If these creatures keep turning up, I'm going to have to go fight them. And I haven't fought a living thing since Corvus. And that was thirty-five years ago. I was a Queen now, plus I was getting old, I'm not fifteen anymore. But this was my kingdom... um Queendom? I was ready to train until I knew what I had to do to stop Lysis. To learn my mission. To fight. I was prepared.

So guys, this marks the end of Ariel's journey (kind of) in Sabine. Hope you guys liked The Willow Weeps as much as I loved writing it. Make sure you review and all that gibberish. I will be posting the Prologue of The Ending Reign eventually, I am undergoing beta reading, and editing so it might be longer for an update. But, if you really like me you should search for it and follow it immediately so I have a reason to actually write it and constantly update it haha. The next book concerns with Ariel finding out what her mission is and the epic battle for Sabine, Earth, and the other infinite worlds. It will be third person, because there is too much going on for it to just be Ariel telling the story. So yeah. Be like Nike... Just do it.