I see my fellow soldiers,

Some stand tall,

Some are on the edge and about to fall,

Some ignore our heeding call,

Walking into the danger they saw.

Some dont even fight,

Instead they commit a spiritual suicide.

We need you here to help us fight,

But instead you give in to Satans blind light,

What are you thinking?

Making hasty choices without a mere blinking.

Choosing temporary enjoyment of sin,

When we are so close to the final win.

True soldiers stand the fight,

True soldiers dont take flight,

True soldiers arent out for the kill,

They only want to follow his will,

True soldiers dont bear arms,

They just listen to Jah's ever present alarms.

Are you listening...

Are you defending...

Or are you subtly pretending?

Please dear soldiers...

Suit up,

Dont give up.