I woke up to a beautiful morning.

The sun was shining, I heard a few birds, aaand I ran to bathroom and threw up everything in my stomach.

Nice and normal.

After brushing my teeth and somewhat fixing my appearance, I realized that eventually I'd have to get to school.

I would give anything to let me stay home. Forever. But I've recently learned that life likes to knock you in mud, pour salt in your eyes then ask what the hell is wrong with you for complaining. As I stood in front of my closet, I felt a sudden kick in my lower abdomen.

At first, that whole thing freaked me out. Not only is there someone freeloading in there without paying rent, but they damage the place too. All the random kicks that kept me up at night and the constant sitting on my bladder so I'd have the urgency to pee like a squirrel used to annoy me. It wasn't the fact that the thing was moving; it was the fact that it scared me. Made me think if I was really doing the right thing. Then I'd get annoyed for being scared.

I used to hate what was going on.

But now, I love it.

I ran my hand across my now stretched and swollen stomach as an attempt to calm him down. I knew it wouldn't work though; this little guy can be a terrorist when he wants to.

Just like his father.

After picking out my favorite royal blue t-shirt and gray hoodie, I went to the kitchen to see how much I could eat before throwing up again. Making sure I had my drawing tablet and a large amount of candy, I supplied my messenger bag with my daily necessities. When I was all packed, I realized that I needed to go grocery shopping. Then I realized that I needed money to go grocery shopping. Then I realized I didn't have any money. Then I realized that my parents offered to pay for everything. Then I realized that my damn pride got in the way. Again.

That's what it all boils down to in the end.

Deciding on the usual (and cheap) scrambled eggs, I made a note to myself.

'Dear Claire, please be nice to people who want to help you. Although it sucks, help is helpful sometimes'

I laughed as I revised and edited my mental note. There's no way I'd listen. Pride and Stubbornness are the two things that will be with me till the day I die. But, I did make one note that I thought I could follow.

'Dear Claire, try to make a friend. :)'

That I could do.

School was normal as always. Dirty looks, whispered rumors, sympathetic looks and a nice topping of starving all day.

When the teacher glared at me for the fifth time for spacing out, I decided that I've had enough.

"I'm going to the bathroom."

Best part of being a pregnant teen, you're allowed to go to the bathroom whenever you want and you can take forever. With my bag in tow, I made my way to my favorite stop, the tree.

As I waddled nearer and nearer, I noticed a girl sitting across from the tree. Even though she had on a huge black hoodie, I could see thin yet slightly curvy legs poke out from underneath.

I knew where she got the hoodie from before I even took another step.

I used to wear that hoodie all the time.

There's probably still a hole in the sleeve from my thumb.

When I got a little closer, I knew she wasn't an emo. She didn't have that look in her eye. Long blond hair went over one shoulder and ended in what could have been boob area (big jackets make it hard to tell).

Her light green eyes were focused on the tree. That's probably why I was able to stare for so long. Before I introduced myself, I saw that she was thin.

Really thin.

The kind of thin that's in your face.

She was pretty, but I could see that this girl definitely weighed less than 100 pounds. When I was finished with my stalker staring, I introduced myself and Jared. She was startled at first but I could tell she liked the company.

Maybe we can be friends?

As I sat through the last minutes of geometry, I thought about Lia.

Of course I would make jokes about her life threatening disease. Luckily for me, she seems really cool.

I don't know about this whole after school hangout thing she has planned. Right before she said that, she brought up him.

The LAST guy on earth I want to talk about.

Still, if I were in her predicament, I wouldn't want people leaving me. I know how that feels.

The final shrill of the bell brought me back to present time. Here it goes, now or never.

As I walked through the back hallway towards the parking lot, I saw her standing next to him.

No one can mistake that red hair.

He seemed majorly pissed off. Good. I hate that bastard in case you haven't noticed.

I knew this was a bad idea. I'd rather have my eyeballs clawed out and have Jared early at the same time than hang out with him. Just as I was about to turn around and leave, he walked off.

Makes my life easier.

I opened the double doors with a renewed smile and walked up to Lia and another guy. Lia had a stressed and slightly sad look on her face but she brightened a little when she saw me. She pointed to the other guy as a (adorable) way of introducing us.

"Hi, I'm Zack. I don't think we've met before."

Blondie held out a hand for me to shake. This guy was blond like Lia but they were on two different ends of the spectrum. While Lia's hair was a light, light blond, almost white, Zack had dirty blond hair, almost brown. He also had dark brown eyes and the coolest smile ever.

This guy was chill. I liked him already.

"I'm Claire. And I can guarantee that we'll be best friends if you let me borrow that truck of yours."

I pointed to the big navy blue ford explorer behind him and Lia. It was taller than all of us and even though it was a truck, spacious back seats were included. On the bumper a sticker read 'CAUTION: Deaf Driver'. I laughed and asked Zack about the sticker.

"That's a funny sticker. Did your mom buy that as a joke or something?"

"Actually no, my mom is deaf."

Of course I would make another joke about that. That seems to be what I do best. Other than have the worst sense of judgment in the world. Before I could say sorry and sputter like an idiot, Zack mumbled a 'don't worry about it' and continued on with what he and Lia were talking about.

"So, since we have one less member but then gained one more member, I'd say that that's enough members to go to your first drive through. Agreed?"

"As long as someone else is paying then sure. What about you Lia?"

She looked back in the general direction of where Grayson went, almost like a one last check to see if he turned around. But when she saw that the parking lot was empty of any redheads, she sighed and gave a small nod.

She'd learn later. He does nothing except lie, backstab, deceive and desert.

This was one of the most annoying things I've ever done in my life.

Zack can't drive.

And he sucks at finding things.

We've been driving around the same part of town for the past ten minutes. He said he knew where the nearest Wendy's is but at this point, I'd rather believe a blind man say he saw an angel send a squirrel to heaven.

After making another right turn and completing another circle of boulevards, I had enough.

"Pull over. Right now."

"What! Were in the middle of the-"

"Pull over Zack!"

The big blue truck slowly came to a stop on the side of the road. I jumped out of the car as soon as we stopped. I waddled around to the driver's side door and opened it.

"Get out, I'm driving."

Zack's shocked expression was priceless. Normally I would laugh at it and take a pic but I was currently next to a very busy road.

"C'mon Blondie, I don't have all day."

Zack hastily got out of the car and ran to the backseat. Lia who was in the passenger seat looked on in shock and awe.

This girl seriously needs to get out more.

I had to scoot the seat back just a little bit when I got in, my stomach could have beeped the horn if I took in a big deep breath.

After fastening my seat belt, I eased the truck back into traffic and sped up a little. Zack and Lia looked like they were about to die of asthma attacks, heart attacks and panic attacks all at the same time.

"Calm down you two, I am just like a regular driver except that I have a little passenger in my lap. No big deal. Zack you obviously had no idea on where to go so I took the wheel. We'll be there in 5 minutes"

I was true to my word. 5 minutes later we were next to the talking box thingy in drive thru's. We hit another big problem though.

This was Lia's first drive through.

How was she supposed to order and she couldn't speak?

At first, she held up two fingers. I guess that meant that she wanted a number 2, the bacon mushroom cheese angus chicken heart-disease-on-a-bun burger. But after I told the bored waiter-attendant-worker lady, Lia changed her mind. She held up 6 fingers.

I think everyone knows how hard it is to change an order at a drive through.

We should have just walked in. But that would take away all the fun and experience, wouldn't it?

I let out a big sigh and told the lady we'll have one of everything. That'll solve our problem. Before I drove to the next window with an incredibly large bill, I ensured that these would be paid for.

"So Zack, since you made a pregnant girl drive, which is very dangerous to the mother and the baby, I'm sure you have no problem in expressing your apologies through paying for all of this. Right? Kay, thanks. You really are a sweet guy."