Dear Aunt Gwen and the family,

I just wanted to start out by thanking everyone for allowing me this opportunity to take part in celebrating the life of one of the most brilliant minds of this generation; a man who not only used his brilliance to entertain countless readers worldwide, but a man who, throughout his years passed on his gift of knowledge to many. That man is my Uncle George. Though I myself never got the pleasure of being as close to my Uncle George as many of you did, the times I was blessed by his presence never failed to create memories that I still to this day hold dear to my heart. As a young boy, I went through my phases of wanting to be an astronaut, a fireman, perhaps a cowboy, and even a professional wrestler; all of the cliche jobs and dreams that most young men desire to follow. But it wasn't until the moments I shared and the conversations that I had with Uncle George that I really got that spark of inspiration that led to the discovery of what my true passion in this life is. He inspired me to write. I had always created stories in my head, some would even say that I had an imagination gone wild, but it wasn't until I began reading some of George's books that I really felt a drive, an inspiration to put my thoughts and creations onto paper. I have him to think for helping me discover the thing that I love to do in this world. When I am writing, when I am using my own constitution and imagination to create stories, characters, and even entire worlds, I am truly happy, and without George in my life, I would have never discovered that about myself. I never got the chance to do this in person, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for this, and to express my absolute gratitude for him introducing me to the very thing that makes me the happiest in my life. George, without your inspiration I honestly have no idea where I'd be today. I write because of you, I write for you, and in honor of you I will never stop writing. Thank you Uncle George, you have always truly been an exquisite man, one with so much talent and love. You will forever be missed, and in the hearts of your family, friends, your adoring fans, and the countless people whose lives have been touched by you, you will never be forgotten. I wish I could be there with all of you today, celebrating the life and love of an amazing human being, and though things haven't worked out that way I want all of you to know that I love you dearly, I love George dearly, and I am there with you in my prayers. Thank you.