While We Were Sleeping

I was leaning out the airplane window,
trailing my fingertips through the sky
and collecting clouds to put in your pocket.

We missed the train so we followed the trail of smoke
from a train going full speed
and caught it, didn't break a sweat,
didn't break our stride.

We swam through tunnels at the bottom of the ocean streamed with light
that never ended and we never stopped for air,
never needed to
and the tunnel just kept going,
kept expanding into the brightness and I didn't know
where we were but we were somewhere and that
as enough.

We were in a fire, we were the fire, we were burning the house down
and you sat in your armchair offering me tea
from the kettle that was boiling
on top of the coffee table we had set alight
and we sat there as the room turned to ash,
drinking tea and trying to become fire,
trying to burn the house down.

I don't know what this means, any of it. I don't know, okay?
We do things that aren't logical,
we do things that defy expectation,
we take a rose and turn it into thorns and vines and the sound of birdcall.
We do these things and I don't know why,
I don't know what I'm trying to say,
I don't know what I'm trying to tell you but this is what I dream,
this is the world that was out there while we were sleeping.

In all the dreams we're nowhere in particular,
in all the dreams there is nothing else,
nothing but the clouds in our pockets and the tea swirling in our cups
and we're happy, we're so happy, darling.
Maybe that's the answer, maybe that's why.
Maybe that's all this is.
Maybe I wanted us to be happy, just this once.